Thursday, September 11, 2008

He Knows How to Close A Deal

It's late. I am tired. Actually its very late.

I am finally laying down. I just get comfortable. My two year stumbles, sleepy-eyed into my room.

I inwardly sigh.

He comes to my side of the bed, the kind hearted one's side of the bed.

He rubs his big, brown, sleepy eyes and says, "Mama, I skeered (scared), its too dark in there, I weally skeered."

Mama is made of butter. I melt. The two year old knows this, I am sure.

I let him climb in my bed. I know, I know, I should NEVER allow that. Remember, I am made of butter.

I lay there, exhausted, a lot due to this one that's snuggling with me, and my brain is sending out warning signals, but my heart is ignoring them. I KNOW I shouldn't let him sleep with me, but that night my heart was happy that he still wants to snuggle with his mama.

We laid there and he drifted back off to sleep and I laid there looking at him, through blood-shot, burning eyes.

I thought to myself, you are so cute, sweet and cuddly--what happens in the daylight that makes you become strong-willed, defiant, loud and acrobatic-like????

Right at that moment, it's as if he reads my mind, with eyes closed, he says, "Mama, I weally love you."

All his sins of the day are forgotten and I fall asleep beside the huge toddler that has managed his way into my, suddenly small, queen-size bed.


Mrs Lemon said...

I KNOW. This morning I woke up to find myself a Gossom sandwich. Mr Lemon as close to me as possible on one side and Zesty as close to me as possible on the other side. Apparently Mr Lemon didn't wake up when I thought he did to take Zesty back to his bed after I nursed him in the night.

It was cute. Until I realized I couldn't move without waking both of them up :)

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Awww, that's so sweet! Sometimes there's nothing nice than a little cuddle time. Even if it is in the middle of the night! =)

Mainly a midwife said...

Yea that does seal the deal. Any unsolicited "I wuv you"'s from a little one definitely does the trick. And oh yea.. I'm made of butter too. We let them sleep with us. This morning we woke up with both of them in bed. They sneak in so quietly that I don't even hear them anymore.

Nana said...

Good for you. You will treasure those memories when they don't happen anymore!