Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Church with a two year old is an experience that is second to none.

He is ever busy and is always looking to escape. We are in constant motion to keep up with the child that obviously doesn't know what "sit down" means.

Where have I gone wrong?

So during the acrobatic event, which occurs usually between offering and prayer requests, Samuel decides that tonight would be a good night to see if he can hold him self up by using the back of the pew and holding Dad's hand. So he lifts his feet off the floor and he is now suspended in air. Samuel thinks this is so cool--he actually says "dis is cool mama". My head was turned, I was tending to Daniel. The next thing I hear is a yelp loud enough for the cars passing by out front to hear.

Being the attentive mother that I am, I immediately turned to see Samuel sitting on the pew, screaming and tears running down his face. This was not a yell of I'm-in-trouble-please-let-me-go, this was a I-AM-IN-PAIN-MAMA yell. Daddy is looking at me and I knew immediately what was happening.

What happened: Daddy, being the good daddy that he is, said "Son, get down", just about that time his hand slips off the back of the pew and he drops, unfortunately daddy still has a tight grip on son and therefore he doesn't fall.

You think, good.

No. Bad. Very bad.

Samuel has issues with his left elbow slipping out of socket. Its called nursemaid's elbow. He has had this twice in last eight months and before we moved (actually almost exactly a year ago) had it twice in a row and earned himself a cast.

Back to last night.

Samuel is holding his arm to his side and not moving his fingers.

So, I took Samuel to the bathroom and tried to pop it in myself, didn't happen. I didn't want to force it, so Hubs buckled Daniel back in his car seat and went outside with Samuel screaming in pain. I walked to the front and told the Pastor what was happening and took off for the emergency room.

After two and a half hours and three x-rays later, the doctor confirmed what I had already said--nursemaids elbow.

He popped it back in and Sam looked up at me about five minutes later and proclaimed that his "ebow was all better, I need a schnack (snack)".

Samuel asked me this morning "can we go mergency woom today?" and my response was "I pray we don't have to".

With Samuel, one never knows.


Mrs Lemon said...

ROFL - "dis is cool" CRACKS me UP

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Praying for your daughter & you today...hope all is going well!