Friday, October 31, 2008

Eggs Anyone???

Samuel is a beautifully imaginative child. He is creative and very curious. I am trying to keep this as positive as possible.

That is why my fridge wears seat belts.

Anyway, this morning after Hub left for work, I sat down to important work on the computer--morning email.

Samuel is scadattling (a word Hubs created) around being busy. Then the living room is quiet. It should have occurred to me then, but it didn't. I apparently don't learn lessons easily.

I kept reading. I know, now you are really questioning my mothering abilities.

He came up beside me and said "Mama, I crackin".

I asked him what he meant and he said, "Come, I show you". Fear begins to creep up into my throat. You know, it's about the same as the feeling you get in your mouth before vomitting.

I walked into my kitchen and what do you think I came upon.

Six cracked eggs and he knelt down to begin on the other six. How did I miss this?? Oh, I was also on the phone, on hold, waiting for some customer service rep that never came. Oh, I never called them back.

Sorry, off track. Hubs had never locked the fridge after his OJ this morning. I thought of leaving it for him, but decided against it.

Needless to say, I was not a happy mama. After yesterday I looked around the kitchen, wondering if I should cry or laugh.

Then this thought popped into my head. . . . . "Am I being punked? Is Candid Camera here waiting for me to melt down on camera?"

Fortunately the rest of the day was boring, compared to what has become the normal around here.

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