Thursday, October 30, 2008

You've Got to Be Kidding

I am cleaning. In my pj's. Is there any other way to clean??

I am trying to get my kitchen back in order from my impromtu hiatus of cleaning due to a myriad of ailments in the last four days.

Samuel had been, well, quite frankly, a stinker all day and I am trying to get something accomplished when I hear a knock on the front door. Being the lightening fast child that he is, he went to the door and opened it. Makiah then happily exclaimed, "it's the maintenance man".

I am trying to think of why they would be at my door when I am in my pj's. Of course they didn't expect me to be in my pj's, it was ya know, three in the afternoon.

Then I remember, the pest control people are coming today. My living room looked like a hurricane had gone through. The kids had just taken all the cushions off and were building a maze. There were three baskets of clean clothes waiting to be folded, sitting in the living room also. Today of all days.

I, peeking around the fridge, ask them to wait just a minute. I ran and got my skirt, threw it on and grabbed a shirt that wasn't dirty (from cleaning) and put it on. I then calmly went and let them in. By now they already think I'm crazy.

We walked into the kitchen just as Samuel was ripping open a package of instant pumpkin pudding, that was supposed to be used for my dessert for the Harvest Party tomorrow night.

He was covered in dry pudding powder from head to toe. Smiling like he had just won a million dollars, he proudly announced, "I open it".

Yes son, and open it you did. Then sensing that he was about to be in trouble ran from the kitchen, spreading pumpkin pudding powder all over. Even left cute, little, fat foot prints across my freshly swept floor.

At that moment, I think I heard a stifled snicker coming from the pest man and maintenance man. I was afraid to make eye contact. See I was still trying to explain why my house was a mess and he just wanted to escape from my craziness as fast as he could.

I wanted to too, but I had to stay and clean up the pudding.

So, as soon as Hubs walked in the door I showed him the food I had somehow managed to make, threw a bottle at him and ran out the door as fast as I could. I headed for the country and the Pampered Chef party. At that point it could have been a welcome home party for a convicted murderer and I would have went.

I went, ate delicious food, bought a baster, went to the grocery store (to replace the pudding) and then back home.

I had a wonderful time at the party, sans kids. It was great to laugh, talk, eat and cook with friends.

When I got home, I talked to Hubs for a minute and then out of the blue both boys began to cry. I picked them both up, Makiah asked me to sing them to sleep and I did. Holding both boys I thought of my day and all the chaos---and all the joy.

I thought about the picture Samuel drew that morning that actually had eyes, nose and mouth. It looked like a face. First picture that I knew what it was. I thought about Makiah telling me I was a great mama. I thought about Daniel's gummy grins.

I thought about how nice it was to be away for awhile--and then how wonderful it was to be back home.


Mrs Lemon said...

Oh my word, that is hilarious with the dry pudding mix.

Yesterday I had with Zesty, and my friend called "Hey, I'm coming over, I got him some cute clothes." I nearly cried with joy that I was going to see an adult, and just the thought that there was relief coming made the whole day better.

Passionate Purposeful Parenting said...

I loved this post -- showing how we all feel some days when our kids do crazy (yet at the same time cute) things.... How we look forward to some time to ourselves with friends, yet always love coming home to our precious children.

Karen said...

No. I am convinced that there is no better way to clean than in pjs.

Hey, I lost your email. Do you want to be added to Diaper Chronicles as a contributor?

and my word verification just below this? "aquarat". Hm.

Mainly a midwife said...

I clean in my pj's too. :)
The pudding story was hilarious. Somedays I wish I had a place to escape to in the evening!!!