Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who's Running Again??

Just a quick Saturday post of funnies. . . enjoy.

Samuel was upset about something yesterday and I am sure it was tragic. . . right now I can't even remember what it was. Tragic, like I said.

Anyway, after several minutes of tears his nose began to run, shocking I know.

I told him to get a tissue and he did.

He proceeded to blow his nose and then in a cute little voice, said "Now I blow my tears".

Translation--he needed to wipe his tears.

Makiah went to spend the day with my mom. Now they seem to have deep conversations during their time together, and today was no different.

Makiah always has many thought provoking questions and today she didn't disappoint. By-the-way, I meant thought provoking for my mom, who has to come up with answers that not only satisfy Makiah, but don't produce another ten questions. Welcome to my daily world mom.

My mom decides that she is going to vote early to avoid the rush on the BIG day, and today is the day she decides to go--Makiah in tow. On the way there Makiah asks where they are going and why. My mom tells her to the library and to vote. Here is how the conversation continues from there.

Makiah: "What is vote?" Yes I am the terrible mother who hasn't told her child one thing about this crazy election season.

Grams: She explains voting and then that we are voting for a new President. I don't know exactly what she said here. Bear with me.

Makiah: "What's the President do?"

Grams: "Makes decisions about our country, laws, takes care of money, makes decisions about war and lots and lots of other things."

At this time Makiah stops to ponder this new found information.

Makiah: After a moment of pondering, and it was only a moment, she says, "Well, Grams, I hope you win."

My mother about lost it and after regaining control of the laughter, she told her that she wasn't running, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

I kind of wish Grams was running too.


Cara said...

LOL That is too funny:)

I wish your mom was running too


foreverfoldinglaundry said...

That is priceless!!!! So cute!

Mrs Lemon said...

I love love love your new look!

ClassyMomma said...

If your mom changes her mind, I will be voting for her! ;-)

Passionate Purposeful Parenting said...

I love it! :) Thanks for sharing with us!