Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All Wrapped Up

He snuggles in close. I hear his little snore. I feel him breathing. He feels safe. I feel protective. Babywearing.

I have to say that babywearing is fairly new to me. My first three children missed out and so did I.

I love wearing my baby, though he is heavier now and considerably more wiggly. Now that he is older he enjoys being worn front facing and he laughs, kicks and waves his arms. I love him being close to me and it has enabled me to be able to do things while keeping him close, which is a synonym for happy and content.

When Daniel was born I was determined to use the sling as much as possible and I have to say that I love it. I purchased a Wallababy Ring Sling right after he was born and I liked it okay, but then I decided to try the Moby Wrap and oh, my goodness, it was total love. I really like the Moby Wrap, it's comfortable for me and him and I feel like his weight is carried better. My back doesn't hurt after I wear him with the moby. I use my ring sling when out and about (unless it's a long kinda journey) and I use my Moby at home. The reason I don't use my moby out more often is that it does take quite a while to get everything rigged up. Also, I found that the cradle hold was not good for us. Daniel didn't like it, at all. I think he felt insecure. So I started using the ring sling and putting him chest to chest, and he was much more calm.

One thing, if you have a baby with reflux or frequent spitting up, I suggest you keep a burp cloth tucked in the wrap somewhere, otherwise you will have many spit up wet spots. Same goes when teething comes around with all the drool.

Needless to say again, but I will, I LOVE wearing my baby. I originally had pics to go with this post, but for some reason I can't find them in the photo library, so I'll take some more and add them to the post later.

For more great slings check out Nonny & Boo. They have so many cute slings, I have to stay away from the site, I could end up in trouble (ya, know, that whole pesky budget thing).

If you are a babywearing mama, a future babywearing mama or, well, anyone else--go to Adventures in Babywearing, link up and tell everyone--you could win a really awesome sling. You might also find some good blog reading there, too!!

Happy babywearing!!

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foreverfoldinglaundry said...

I am a HUGE Moby fan as well!!! I used one with Avery until it was just physically impossible not to. I recommend them to everyone now!!