Monday, December 22, 2008

Could someone please stop time just long enough to write a post??!?

So sorry, I thought I'd be back the next day, and well, I didn't. Between sick kids, laundry and all the Christmas-y stuff, I have been running around crazy.

I opted to do a mini rant, rather than completely jumping up on my soap box and ranting (aka rambling) for forever. I am upset that a baby doll was produced by a big company , that I frequently buy toys from, that would have a talking chip in it that says "Islam is the Light". It was created for little girls between the ages of 3-7 and made to play like a real mommy. It only says it every third time you push the belly, so most parents didn't know what the doll said. I heard one, seen one in person and I am just angry. I am not prejudice, but I don't want something my daughter might play with telling her such things. I don't hate anyone who follows Islam (if that's your choice, it's your choice, I've made my choice too), but dolls should not be selling religion. I mean, if they marketed a doll that slipped in "Jesus is the only Way", the left and ACLU would be all over Mattel like white on rice and there would be law suits and apologies and be told to keep religious sayings out of the free market. The doll shouldn't say anything religious, leaving the responsibility of raising your kids, teaching them what you want to the parents. Instead, the company, at first, claims that the doll didn't say that, that parents were under the power of suggestion. So we are all hallucinating!!! Then they came out and said that they would be replacing the chip. If it didn't say it, why are they replacing the chip!??!

So there you have it. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. I hope the previous paragraph makes a little sense.

Anyhoo, on to cheerier things!! I decided that this week I just wanted to have fun with the kids, and try to make it fun with things not requiring electricity. Working puzzles, reading fun books, building forts and baking--baking tons-o-stuff!! We are making sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, brownies and PWs Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies (these are really good, if you like spicy you will like these). I will also be making sweet potato cassarole, Sausage Balls and Cheeseburger Soup. That's just for Christmas day. We are having Christmas breakfast with my parents and then going to a friends house later in the day, that's where we'll have Cheeseburger soup. All the other stuff is for Christmas gifts-who doesn't love the gift of food-and for us to munch on. You know, so that I have 5 extra pounds to lose in 2009 (as if I didn't have enough to lose).

So that's what I will be up to, I will be posting pics throughout the rest of the week. I hope you all are having fun and enjoying your family!!

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Boy Mom said...

Love a good rant!

Way to go playing with the kids, I did not do well at that this year. Cheeseburger soup... you'll have to post the recipe.

Have the merriest thanks for being my bloggin' friend.