Thursday, December 18, 2008

He Should Be Up Until January

Today was the big day. The day of the Homeschool Christmas Party. I am glad it's over.

It was a good day. The kids all had fun, but for some reason I can't help feeling it could have been better. Samuel kept raiding the candy bowl, he had about 55 Hershey Kisses. That is only a slight exaggeration. Hence the title. That doesn't include the brownies that are now so high up in the kitchen, I can't reach them without a chair.

The kids are getting better, finally. Cross your fingers, knock on wood and say a prayer. Not in that particular order.

Everyone still has snotty noses, but I have a feeling they will be here until spring. Daniel is the only one that is still sick, sick. He has a terrible cough. I took him back to the doc yesterday and he has broniolitis and infiltrates in the left lower lobe of his lung. So he is on another round of antibiotics and breathing treatments as needed. Today you can tell he is feeling better. He is to stay away from people until Sunday, as to not get exposed to anything else. It seems everyone is sick.

Christmas shopping is pretty much done, just have a couple things left to buy. I am glad. The crowds are getting really crazy.

I got my Pampered Chef stuff yesterday from the party I had. I love all my stuff and I am so excited. I almost broke out into Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me. I love free stuff. I can't wait to use it all. I guess that means I have to cook.

Just kidding.

I will be trying out lots of new recipes, so watch out, because they will probably be coming your way too!!

Well, I have to wash, comb and braid my daughters' fiercely curly hair--let the weeping and gnashing of teeth commence and then I think early bedtimes are in order. That is if Sam sleeps at all.

I'll be back tomorrow with a ranting post you won't want to miss. Truly.


Boy Mom said...

Woo Hoo! It's over, I always doubt myself after an event too. I'm sure it was wonderful.

Raiding the candy bowl, lol, I bet you're glad he's potty trained.

Poor baby, I hope he's better, I've had to use a breathing machine many times for many little ones. Sending a big prayer his way.

I had a Pampered chef party last year in December. Love their products.

Good for you on finishing now you can just relax and bask in the holiday's glow ;)

Boy Mom said...

Just checking in on that ranting post.

A little busy with family and excited children? ;)

Merry Christmas