Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Blog Fodder, But I Am Posting Anyway

There isn't much going on around the Lovelock abode this week--unless you count the sickness, busted lips, falling down the handicap ramp at church, the schooling, the potty training, the lack of motivation and various other things.

I guess I'll start from the beginning.

Tuesday Samuel jumped off a piece of furniture, shocking I know. None of you would ever believe that Samuel climbs or jumps from things.

Ok, he jumped off and in his hand was a remote. He jumped and landed just so, that between the remote and floor all making impact with his mouth it busted his lip. It bled for a little while, but not too long and it looked okay--for a busted lip. Then yesterday when he woke up I looked at it and the swelling had gone down and so I figured all was well. A little later he came to me and said he felt something in his mouth. A big bump had formed with yellow in the middle. I am sorry for those of you now gagging. I guess I should have put a disclaimer in. So I tried all day to call the doctor, with no avail. The flu and other various diseases are rampant down here and so they were excessively busy. I opted to take him to the urgent care center after dropping Hubs, Makiah and Daniel off at Bible Study. Now he is on 10 days of antibiotics. That's my boy! Way to bust a lip. His first of what we feel, will be many. Of course his humor is still in tact because while sitting in the waiting room he asked my friend if "he could climb on the chairs like a monkey". An exact quote I promise.

Obviously he learned nothing from the remote, floor, jumping incident.

Last night after church, Makiah was running down the handicap ramp, which is wood and it was raining. I turned and told her to slow down, that she was going to. . . and just as I said fall, she did just that. Bet you all thought it was going to me doing the falling. Feet went out and she landed right on her hinder parts and now has a sore tail bone. I thought at first that I was going to be making another trip to a medical facility, but alas it's just sore.

Daniel's eyes are crusty again and now his poor little nose is all clogged up and so he can't have his binky and breathe. A most terrible problem, believe me. He also can't drink a bottle and breathe which frustrates h
im greatly. He sucks, breathes, cries, coughs, sucks, breathes, cries, coughs--you can see the pattern developing. So my sweet baby, today, is a grouchy baby. Mama understands, but still for a long day it makes. He isn't the only one having sinus issues, all except Hubs is suffering. Tis the season for blowing noses, fa la la la la la la la la. I may have to write a whole song!

As for that lack of motivation thing, that would be me. I have a very long list of stuff to do, but apparently my motivation up and left--no notice, no forwarding address. Hopefully it will miss me and return quickly.

I did finally get to watch all of the best 5 hour movie I have ever seen. I like Gone With the Wind, but I have to say that I absolutely LOVED Pride and Prejudice!! Not the recent one, but the older one starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. If you haven't seen it, you should. Just a warning though, most husbands probably won't sit and watch it with you. My hubs was having no part of it. Too boring in his opinion. That is just HIS opinion though.

Well, now that I have thoroughly bored you long enough with my randomness and slightly whiny post, I shall close. My grouchy, sweet baby is crying for mama. I think we'll all settle in for a nap.


Mrs Lemon said...

two words - saline drops. oh, and sucky bulb.

I guess that would be four words, but who is counting?

Boy Mom said...

Crazy boys and their shenanigans, for a while their we had a bed reserved for us in a local ER.

How did the home school party go?