Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If I Had A Witty Title, It Would Be Here

It's been crazy around here. On Sunday we took a day trip to St. Louis to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the church most dear to us. Fresh Anointing UPC is where I spent the first 9 years of my marriage. Where 3 of my 4 kids were born. Where we lost a precious child. Where we learned about ministry, marriage and the true meaning of "church family". So we went and we had great church and then visited with precious friends (really they are family) and laughed a lot. And then cried, again, when we drove away. Well, Makiah cried, I teared up and Linton just sighed (he's way to manly to cry about something like that). I guess you could say, we sorta miss them. And love them, a lot! ~~Sniff~~

Anyhoo, onto things that don't make me sniff.

Sam is doing really well with potty training. I know I keep telling you, but, I guess I am just so shocked and thrilled, that I have to keep saying it. As if saying it over and over will make it more believable. He gets so excited at his accomplishment, so excited that he shares it with random strangers. We were in Borders last week and everyone that passed us, on our way to the children's section, he proudly announced "I pee pee in the potty" and "I big boy, I go pee and tooter in the potty". Yeah, it's wonderful. Fortunately most strangers just smile.

Makiah is losing an upper, front tooth and Daniel is cutting an upper front tooth. I find that interesting. Maybe I'm the only one.

Daniel is finally sitting up independently for long stretches of time. YAY!!! Sitting up alone is one of his goals in physical therapy. Not only is he sitting, but playing with toys, while sitting independently. I am so happy. He is making great progress. He is also holding his own bottle. I love watching them at this age, because everyday they learn something new. Every stage is exciting, but the first year just amazes me.

While we were in St. Louis (yeah back to the first topic), they gave the kids Christmas gifts. Makiah got a new Wii game, which she wants to play non-stop and a Hello Kitty Hut (a pop up tent thingy). Sam got a suit of armor and Mickey Mouse toys and game. Daniel got a basketball goal to sit and play with. He loves it! So, for your enjoyment, here are some pictures.

Look closely at the bottom of the pink hut. Yes, that is a baby foot. Makiah and Sam decided that they should all play in the hut. So Daniel and his basketball goal, Sam and Makiah were inside and I look around (I was on the computer, they were behind me), and what do I behold--a sweet little foot poking out.

Well, I think that properly catches everyone up on our lives around here. I am also catching up on blog reading. But first, must go marinate my steaks so I can get them into the crock pot by noon. No real flow to this post, but it served it's purpose.

Have a happy Tuesday!!


Boy Mom said...

Church families are the best. I'm the president of the primary at our congregation which means I teach sing with and supervise the teachers for around 90 children. It is the best calling ever, I love the children and their parents but my favorite is that they love me. When they see me and call out, "Hi Teacher," it nearly brings me to tears.

Daniel, love the name, all my boys have bible names, is so sweet. Seeing that cute little foot and playing in just a diaper makes me want to crawl into my monitor and kiss all over him.

One can never, never say to much about successful potty training, never, never, never! A big high five to Samuel. My monitor is getting quite the workout today.

Finally a hug to all of you for the joy of reunion with the family of Christ and the sorrow of parting.

forever folding laundry said...

I actually think the title is quite witty!

I'm so happy that all of your kids are doing awesome things in the potty and otherwise!

Your little Daniel is so completely cute I can hardly stand it. Do you think he'd be willing to trade hair with me? Just wondering.

Mainly a midwife said...

That's so great that you got to be with your old church family. It's always sad to leave.. How are the lapbooks coming?

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

As you requested, the story of my "flying in the sanctuary" comment on Mrs. Lemon's blog has been explained.

Cara said...

Awwwww, those pics make it so worth it:) Glad he is enjoying his present. Just so you know i got teary eyed when you left too