Monday, December 1, 2008

The Potty Chronicles, Installment No. 11

I have good news to report on potty training. It's about time right???

Well, one day last week, I was changing a pull-up and on a whim asked Sam if he wanted to go potty. He said yes, went in there, sat down and peed. I was ecstatic! We clapped and danced and he beamed with pride.

The rest of that day, he went to the potty every time and only had one accident. I was impressed. I mean, from the last time we really, really tried to now, he's a different kid. I believe he finally has learned control. Off and on last week he wore underwear (we didn't everyday because of travel, the circus and various other events), but I just wanted him to continue with trying. He has only had one accident since last week!!!!! Only one!!!!! Did you hear me????? ONLY ONE!!!

After one time last week, I made this statement, "Sammy, I am so proud of you". And I was. I was very proud. He looked at me and asked, "you, proud me mama?". I answered yes and he just glowed. Now, every time he asks me, "you proud me mama?" and I gladly exclaim "YES".

So this morning, first thing, we took off the pull-up and he said, "ok, now I think I need to go potty and put on my underwear". You talk about a breakthrough, that's a BREAKTHROUGH!! He wanted underwear on, I almost wept tears of joy.

So I can proudly say, we are having success with the potty around here. I am glad about it.

At this writing, it is 9:12 in the morning. He is in underwear and working on writing his name! We're off to a good start.

It is now 11:04 and we are still going great. He did have one accident, but he was trying to get to the bathroom, so he gets an A for effort.

It is now 4:21 and we have been in real underwear all day (with the exception of nap time, I'm not that brave yet) and he's had only one accident. ~~Break~~mama is doing a happy dance~~~Okay resume story~~

When he woke up from nap time he came in the kitchen and told me it was time to put on underwear cause he needed to potty.

Does anyone besides me hear the Hallelujah chorus being sung in the background??? Cause I hear it people, I hear it!!

I am so happy and he is so proud of himself and I am proud too. I think he might just be out of diapers before starting Kindergarten!! There goes that Hallelujah chorus again!


Boy Mom said...

Hallelujah! I'm hearing it with you. Potty training success is the best success everrrrr.

Love your Christmas background.

Valerie said...

Woohoo! I know the feeling when they finally *get it* and start to WANT to use the potty. It took awhile for our youngest, too.

forever folding laundry said...

Hooray for you!!!! What a great Christmas present!! Two down, one to go! =)

Love the new background, by the way!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I need some of that success to come my way!


Mainly a midwife said...

Hooray! Now that IS exciting! BTW, I was reading your twitters.. I love lapbooks. We worked on a shark one last year (the one year that I homeschooled). I miss it. I think we are going to start working on a Stellaluna one over Christmas break.