Monday, December 15, 2008

Smack My Hands, I'm A Bad Bloggity Friend

I am issuing a sincere apology for not commenting and reading blogs in the last week, or two. Could it be. I read them on the run and don't always have time to comment. I am trying to catch up with reading and commenting. Though it probably won't be today. So if you get comments on all your posts from the last week, in one day, it's because all my kids are sleeping and I can actually do something besides blow noses and do housework. It will probably be time stamped, 2:04 a.m. ~~Smile~~

This is our last week of official homeschooling for 2008. Whew, I am glad. . . I need a break! We will keep our reading going on and we'll do some fun lapbooking over the break, but nothing too strenuous. I plan on lapbooking the Christmas Story, I think it will be fun! I will also use the break to plan our second semester and gather more preschool stuff for Sam. I have three books I am trying to read and can't seem to get through them. I have a fourth I want to start (Thanks to Sheila) I am hoping the school break will give me the opportunity to read something besides Junie B. Jones and Amelia Bedelia. Not that Junie B. and Amelia aren't exciting, but I feel my brain get mushy.

We are expecting to get hit with an ice storm overnight tonight and so I need to make a grocery list and get some things done. Also need to pull out candles, flashlights and board games. Just in case we have no power. Got tons-o-planning to do, must leave the interweb and get stuff done.

Have an awesome Monday!!


forever folding laundry said...

Yea, I can't believe what a slacker you are: between having three kids, homeschooling, potty training, getting ready for Christmas, and being sick, what exactly is your excuse?? ;)

Boy Mom said...

Junie B. Jones, Gag! I started reading a Christmas Junie B last week with #5 Just opening it gave me cream of brain issues.

You're forgiven and you are not a bad anything. My youngest was three when I began blogging I'm amazed you are as regular as you are.

I've got to do the lapbooking thing , maybe after Christmas.