Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Injury of 2009

This post is sans pictures because I can't find the camera cord to upload the photos!! Arg!!

Anyhoo, Samuel has begun the New Year with a bang. . . literally, a bang on the nose. We were playing on Monday, actually having dance time. We crank up the music and dance. It's fun, good exercise and a great stress reliever. Sam was doing is infamous jump and spin. This is where he jumps and spins at the same time, but rather than land on his feet he comes down all the way to his eyes. Looks painful, but when you're three what's a little pain when having fun. So on, what turned out to be the last jump and spin of the day, he shut his eyes. He was getting very dramatic with it and he came down on his knees but also brought his head down. Because his eyes were closed and moving at warp speed he didn't know that his face was going to make impact with the floor. And make impact it did. I was dancing and didn't see the whole thing unfold, being the attentive mother I am and all. I scooped him up and almost immediately the swelling began. Within 15 minutes he had a fat, red-purplish nose. He looked like Rudolph gone wrong. I know it had to hurt, made my eyes water just looking at it. I gave him Tylenol and he fell asleep. He woke up and it was even more red and purplish and a little fatter. Hubs insisted that it was just bruised and so we didn't go to the doctor.

The swelling has gone down considerably and he doesn't have a red and purple nose anymore. It's now just a fainting memory, well, kind of. See for Sam the memory is still very vivid. He tells me about 100 times a day--"I won't bump my nose anymore, that was ouchy". Does he still go at warp speed? Yes, of course. Does he still do his famous jump spin dance move? Yes, only this time, he leaves his eyes open and doesn't drop to his knees.

As for the rest of us, no injuries, only if you don't count the ones to my nervous system. Makiah is having a had time getting back into a school groove. She is easily distracted and I am constantly telling her to get back to work. I should just record it and play it looping every 15 minutes. Hopefully, we will be better in the coming days, but I have to say that the last three days have been difficult to say the least.

The diet, I mean, lifestyle change is going well. I have been soda free for 4 days! That's saying a lot for a Dr. Pepper addict like me. I haven't had any caffeine for 3 days and haven't hurt anyone yet. Who says miracles aren't still happening?!? I have increased my water intake and trips to the bathroom have also increased. All in all, things are progressing well. I plan on posting my progress about once a week. I know you all are excited about that, but I have to share my joy with everyone.

Well, since I am rather nauseated (I think the stomach flu is trying to venture back into my life), I think I'll go take a nap. Resting is part of a healthy lifestyle, don't you agree??


Boy Mom said...

Resting is a very important part of a healthy life style, "rest if you can get it" I say.

Congrats on going off caffeine,i have made it 24 hour without sugar and no one is hurt, yet...

Oh poor baby! We once had a broken nose from an unfortunate fall. Nothing for the doctor to do unless they can't breathe.

Sounds like school is going about the same there as hear. If you make that recording I want a copy.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! Praying he heals quickly!

Wanted to stop by and see how your bible through the year is going. :) Get some rest and drink lots of OJ!

forever folding laundry said...

I'm so impressed that you aren't drinking soda. It's totally my one vice, and I can't seem to stop! I do drink caffeine free, but still. I know it's not good for me. Good for you!

Sorry about Sam's owie. I'm wondering: were you trying to have a family picture taken in the near future? That's usually when our major face injuries occur. Almost all of our professional pics include someone with a black eye!