Friday, January 9, 2009

The Pain of Success

At least that's what I hope this is. I jumped whole heartedly back into exercising. My hips and knees are complaining, loudly, that I should have walked back into exercising rather than jumping back in. All I can say is that the scale had better be in my favor at the end of this week of self-deprivation, torture (exercising) and giving up my beloved Dr. Pepper.

Even though my joints aren't happy with me, I do have more energy and generally feel better than I have in a long time. For this I am grateful and I am willing to give up the soda to continue to feel good. I think it's a reasonable trade, don't you?

We have also been eating more at home, which is not only good for the budget, but good for my waistline and everyone's general health. I have recently gotten a little paranoid about what's happening with my food, out of my presence. I kinda want to go inspect the kitchen, the dishwasher, the cooks, and anyone or thing else that is touching my food. Restaurants don't like nosey patrons, so we are eating at home. I guess I have watched one too many Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu.

As for my goals for 2009, for the most part I am keeping up nicely, except for that one about blogging everyday, even if it's just a picture. Gotta get better with that one. The Bible reading is going really well and I am enjoying doing a structured reading. It's good to sometimes go back and read the Beginning, remind myself of how awesome God really is.

Well, I think that adequately updated everyone for today. I am working on a couple posts, so I can get ahead.

I hope everyone has a blessed Friday!!


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

If you do lose weight, please don't lose it around here. I will find it, and I have enough of my own.

April said...

ah! I love Kitchen Nightmares, but you're right... makes you not want to eat out :-/