Friday, January 2, 2009

Just Realized. . . .

I did it again. I created a post and forgot to schedule it. So I cheated, I went back in and time stamped it for yesterday. I wouldn't want to start out the new year and not have a post!! :)

Sam--a potty training update--It's going so well, I could cry and leap for joy!! Today, Sam went to the potty and came out and proclaimed that there was "stinky mud" in the bathroom. Fear rose in my throat and I went to inspect. Sam had actually went poo poo in the potty and not on the floor as I had feared. It was a momentous occasion! So, we are doing really well in this area and I plan to have that goal marked off that humungous list by mid year. As you can see I am optimistic, but not overly so. He also recognizes his name (letters) and is getting better with other letters as well. I am hoping by the end of this school year that he knows the alphabet by sight.

Makiah is entering a new semester of school and I am not happy with our curriculum. I mean she's learning, but I don't feel like she is getting enough. So I am researching other options and if you have any suggestions, throw 'em at me. Her reading has come a long way. I never believed she didn't know how, but rather that she didn't want too. She would read her work, but never anything outside of her school books. Now she reads everything and I am happy about that. Yesterday, I was loading the dishwasher and heard her reading a new book, I peeked around the corner and both brothers were sitting beside her enjoying the story. My heart soared! I want to foster a love for reading in my children.

Daniel is getting everywhere he wants to go by rolling there. His favorite thing is the DVD player and he gets mad when we move him away from it. He is just starting the do a form of crawling using his toes and elbows. He also goes backwards which is so funny! Developmentally his is still behind, but definitely improving. He is eating Cheerios now and gets excited when he sees the box! Next week, I plan on making some homemade baby food. I am looking forward to it.

I am trying to break my soda addiction, I am calling it as it is, and will be entering into water only for thirty days. I mean for drinks anyway. I have done this before and broke my bad habit, then I fell off the wagon and soda re-entered my life. I am praying for the same results this time too. I know it sounds silly to be talking of soda as an addition, but for me, it is.

Whew, I am a just rambling on and on. The kids have built a pillow fort and Daniel is in there with them and I am off to clean something (there's always something to clean), then naps and maybe a little crocheting for me.

Have a blessed day!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I need to do the same thing with my soda habit. You just might be motivating me!


Boy Mom said...

Hey, how are you? I'm hoping to seriously clean this week and make some curriculum changes as well.

Yea! on the potty training, poop was a hard thing for my boys to master. I couldn't be in there or they wouldn't go and not being there is such a potential mess.

Take care!