Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Funny

A little girl in my sons Sunday school class chased him around today and when she caught him, she looked at him and said "You so pwetty" while she cupped his face in her tiny little hands. (She is two years old and the tiniest little thing, especially compared to Samuel the Brute)

He looked at the teacher and said "I don't like this, could you make her leave?"

That's my boy. As tactful as a hippopotamus. And so very cute. A rascal, but cute. Apparently cute enough to garner the attention of a petite two year old who just four days ago was afraid of Samuel. You know that whole he's-20-pounds-heavier-than-me-and-7-inches-taller-and-doesn't-like-to-share-and-I-am-scared-of-him had her screaming in angst, but not today. Today he's pwetty.

She has good taste in cuteness, but I may have to buy a big stick. See, he's mama's baby.

Just kidding. Kinda. I'll give it a few years before I buy the stick, then we'll see.

Hope you all had a blessed Sunday. I did and I'll be back tomorrow, full of adventure to share!


1 comment:

Boy Mom said...

As tactful as a Hippopotamus, that's FUNNY!

Aren't little girls a hoot. Wait till their twelve and your son says, "OK Mom we told each other we love each other, Now What?" @@