Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something Simple

I am at home tonight, rather than at Bible study. Daniel is sick again. Poor baby is running a 102 degree fever and has a bad ear infection. So because I am busy being mommy (and that's fine with me) and I am trying to get laundry done, I decided I would just let you all watch a beautiful song. This song has been in my head all week.

I am trying to read the Bible through in a year and you just don't know how it is blessing me. I am loving it! The Word is coming alive as I read it, as if I've never read it before (and I have). I am so thankful to have the privledge to read the very thoughts and intentions of God. It's awesome.

I pray you all enjoy it. If you don't about God's love, grace and mercy--you should. Please watch/listen to the whole thing. It's a beautiful song with an awesome message.

1 comment:

forever folding laundry said...

Hope your little man is feeling better.

So how are you doing your reading? Are you starting at Genesis & plowing through, or are you doing more New Testament first?