Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Need A Maid

I have decided that I need a maid. I run around here all day and at the close of the day I look around and wonder what I got accomplished. It's never all that I had intended to do or needed to do. So I have come to the conclusion that I will spend the day homeschooling and playing with the kids and someone else will clean and do laundry. I'll still cook, wouldn't want to over burden a maid.

See, I clean and Samuel uncleans (Makiah is usually an accomplice) and then I make them clean it up. But for some reason it never ends up the way I had it before the uncleaning began. And yes, I realize that unclean isn't a word, but you have to admit that it does adequately describe what I am trying to say. Don't ya think??

Anyway, if any of you know of someone who just likes to help people, loves to clean and works for cheap--say free, then please send them to southern Indiana. I have plenty to keep them busy.

Anyhoo, we are busy around the Lovelock home. Makiah will be getting Thursday and Friday off from school and after two tests tomorrow we will be focusing our attention on doing some fun cooking lessons. Hubs, Sam, Daniel and I are heading north to see a Developmental Pediatrician. We leave on Thursday and we will return late Friday afternoon. Makiah is staying with Grams and Grandpa. Sam was supposed too, but after careful consideration (realizing he would probably freak out about 2 a.m.) we decided to take him with us. Makiah will have a blast and Sam will enjoy not being bossed around. It works for everyone.

I know you are just bowled over by the gravity of today's post. . . I continue to amaze. No applause, thank you.

Tomorrow, I'll being sending along pictures and some fun news from the kitchen. Stayed tuned.


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

That's life with small children, an endless cycle of clean up after. Come to think of it, my teenagers were like that too. I hope that's not too discouraging.

Boy Mom said...

I'm sure that somewhere in my wedding vows there must be a disclaimer, warning, or advisement that mentions I would be becoming a scullery maid. Oh well!

How fun for Makiah to get some one on one time with Grandparents.