Friday, February 27, 2009

Sum It Up and Break

Well, February is quickly coming to a close and I thought I'd just do a Heart Health final post.

Basically, by changing your diet to included fruit and veggies, lean protein, fiber and lots-o-greenery, you can not only change your waist line but also your numbers. Being more active gives your heart a good workout, making it a stronger muscle. Who doesn't want their heart to be stronger?? That's what I thought--everyone. I recently read in a WebMd magazine, on one of our many recent trips to the pediatrician, that 90% of the heart disease that is looming over us women, is preventable. A staggering number, I'd say. That means that women dying everyday from heart disease, most of them could have prevented it. We have to stand up for our hearts and refuse to let a disease that's preventable from taking us out. There is host of health problems that we can't prevent, but this is one of the ones that we can, and at the very least we can lower our risks.

Thanks for putting up with all this heart talk this month, but like I said it is a thing of passion for me. We are getting ready to leave (in about 8 hours) for a much needed mini vacation, so I am just going to take a bloggy break until next Tuesday. I was going to schedule some posts and well, I just ran out of time. Instead of obsess about it, I'll just hope you come by next week for tales of fun and adventure in St. Louis. And those awesome pics I mentioned earlier.

Have a fabulous weekend dear bloggy friends.

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Boy Mom said...

I've loved your heart tips! It's a worthy passion. Have fun in st Louis!