Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alive and Well (Hopefully)

I am still here and still alive, being well. . . . well it seems to come and go. Currently all we are fighting is allergies. I can deal with those. Allergies don't land us in the hospital.

I have been super busy around here and just haven't made time to write a post. So here goes.

School is going okay, but it could be better. I take full responsibility on that matter. I just can't seem to get things balanced back out after the hospital stay nearly three weeks ago. I just feel like everything is running around me and I can't grab hold of it. I mean we are doing the required work, but if you know me, I have been doing other things with her outside of the curriculum. There has been no extra and I am frustrated by that. My days seem to be getting shorter. Makiah is doing really well with reading. Her progress astounds me. Her favorite thing to read. . . are you ready for this. . . her BIBLE. That's right. Her Bible, which is pink and purple. I came in from the kitchen the other day (the boys were taking a nap) and found Makiah laying on the floor, on her belly, with her Mix Stick in her ears, reading her Bible. I am thankful she reads and enjoys it, but I am really thankful that she loves to read the Bible. Despite the music, she recounted everything she had just read. My buttons were popping, I have to say.

Daniel is doing really well with physical therapy. He actually got behind the walking toy and walked it! YAY!! Mommy was so happy and proud of her boy. He is showing improvement in occupational therapy as well. Hopefully he will be up to his age level soon. He babbles and giggles all the time. He is also showing off his temper too. So in some areas he is right where he should be. Cognitively he is fine.

Sam is getting better with the potty. Again I take responsibility for this too. I slacked off a bit and so he did too. We aren't back at the beginning (no where near it actually) but I was hoping to being closer to the end by now. But at least I can say he does go to the potty and for the most part is accident free. YAY!!

The other night at bedtime, both Sam and Makiah say a prayer. It's not something they repeat of memorize, they say what they are thinking and sometimes Hubs or I help them out. On this particular night, Sam was still sick and he said this, "Thank you Jesus for my birthday, for firetrucks and firemans, and for my medicine." I had to laugh. Firemen, let this be known, Sam Lovelock is praying for you! Little man was so sick that he was actually thankful for his medicine. Didn't know whether to be happy or sad about that! The whole thing was funny though. Hubs thought so too.

Well, I could talk about The Great Slim Down of '09, cloth diapers and Hubs current Open Grill project, but I will probably need the blog fodder for another day. Yes, I am actually going to try and be back everyday.

I will post pics later this week too. Really.

Have a fabulous Thursday!!!


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It's good to hear that your children are doing well. I love to hear kids pray when they don't think anyone is listening.

forever folding laundry said...

Glad to hear you're all feeling better! This has been such a bad year for viruses and such!

And glad you're back. I've missed catching up on what the Lovelock household is up to! =)


Boy Mom said...

Sounds like a beautiful full life with all the ups and downs and gentle reminders of childhood innocence and Gods love. Beautiful post!