Monday, April 13, 2009

What a Day!

Daniel is still sick, but I think a little improved. Thank the good Lord. He was really having a hard time!!

Today has been a crazy one. Sam was really feeling like a three year old today and has tested every boundary there is. He has climbed, jumped, fallen, slid and been in the naughty spot more times today than I care to recount. I came in from the kitchen, getting Daniel's medicine, and Samuel was standing on the arm of the couch, trying to reach something on the top shelf of the bookcase. The bookcase is not close enough for him to reach and so he fell straight down onto the excersaucer, nearly dragging the bookcase over on top of him! Needless to say my heart nearly stopped! That was at 9:30 this morning and he has gone full tilt all day. Bedtime is looking really good.

Daniel, who slobbers a lot, was just sporting a diaper for a while today and he likes to feel the velcro tabs of his diaper. I know this, but did mama put a onesie on him?? No, mama apparently left her brain in bed this morning. Well, during one of his times today of feeling pretty good he was playing the pack and play while I did dishes. Makiah called me and said that Daniel had taken his diaper off~~~and there was poo in it! I came a running. Fortunately he was standing and not yet sat down and so a complete yucky disaster was narrowly avoided. I grabbed him and the diaper and cleaned him up. The pack and play was spared. Did mama put a onesie on him then?? No, mama was still thinking that being nakey for a while was okay because in ten minutes that onesie and bib would be soaked anyway. I went back to finish the dishes. Some time passed and later, after his nap and lunch, back in the pack and play he went so that I could sort laundry without him climbing the steps. Makiah called me and said he's naked again. I came running. There he sat no diaper, just as happy as a clam. He just laughed and smiled at me. No accident though, pack and play still clean. Now he is sporting a onesie and a bib. Thank you common sense for finally joining me today.

So it's been a crazy Monday, I spared you the rest of the details. Tomorrow I shall fill you all in on my latest babywearing funny and the new goodies I finally get to try out.

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Boy Mom said...

Argh! It makes a mommy crazy when they figure out how to undo the diaper. Thank Heavens you got their in time!

Poor Baby! He's had a rough winter with the sickness. Sending some extra prayers your way.