Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where Did The Time Go??

Hello, my name is Mamalovelock and I occasionally blog here.

I realized today that it had actually been two and a half weeks since I posted. I guess I have been a bloggy break without actually saying it.

I just needed a break. I haven't really read any blogs either. Not because I don't love all those I read, I just needed a break. Not from you all just from blogging. Things have been really busy and crazy around here and blogging took a lower priority in the month of April.

Tomorrow we leave for St. Louis, and the Heart Walk is Saturday. Makiah's birthday is also Saturday, so the weekend is looking good. I will be glad to see everyone and we will be back with many pictures, of course.

So, my bloggy break will continue until Monday. I will back with my usual mediocrity then. Thank you and good night. =)

1 comment:

Boy Mom said...

Enjoy your week end.

Happy Birthday Makiah!