Thursday, April 9, 2009

What?? I Am Not Sure I Heard You, Say It Again Please??

So this week I have been crabby. I know it and I am woman enough to admit. Just random crabbiness. Not proud of it, just not in denial either.

Yesterday, I woke up early and was straightening up the living room before physical therapy. I figured since they crawl around on the floor the therapist might appreciate a vacuumed floor. I'm thoughtful like that. So I picked up the random toys that apparently walk around while we sleep and vacuumed. Then the children got up. First Daniel, so we changed diaper and then a bottle sacrifice was offered up. The big kids played upstairs while the therapist was here and so the day started out fine.

That last sentence should tell you something about the following paragraph.

Then about 1:30 that afternoon something transpired. It wasn't a specific event, just something changed. I am not sure what it was exactly but I heard "mommy, mama, mom" said, yelled, whined, cried at least 70 times in about 30 minutes. At that point, I wasn't sure if I should turn on the iPod and tune them out, change my name or sit down and cry. Sam was having a melt down of terrific proportions, still unsure because of what, but when they are three they don't usually have a reason. Makiah was asking for something, but she never got around to actually asking, just saying my name. Daniel was crying and bawling out "ma ma ma ma". In that moment, I considered updating my resume and looking in the want ads.

I stopped.

I left the dishes in the sink, they are used to it anyway, and went out to the living room. I scooped up Daniel, pulled Sam close and calmly asked Makiah to stop repeating my name. I pulled out a story and we sat down and read. Instantly peaceful quiet filled the house and even Daniel was listening to the story. I do believe it was therapeutic for us all.

It seems that on those days, when all craziness is unfolding, that dropping it all and reading a story or singing a peaceful worship song is simply soothing. It also reminded me of why I stay home. Why I have the best job on earth. Why I consider raising my kids the highest calling I could ever have.

Though there are times my kids tend to push all the buttons at once and they may test my patience, I love them more than life. Kids are crabby sometimes too, just like mama's. Sometimes I push the Lord's buttons and I am sure I at times, take His grace and mercy for granted. I am thankful, that He pulls me into His lap and sings to me (Psalm 42:8). And even when mama's crabby, they wanted to spend time with me. Grace and mercy flowed out of all of us yesterday.

I am sure we will have more days like that, but I know one thing for sure, I wouldn't trade one day here with them for anything!


Valerie said...

My hubby showed me this and I had to go "Yes!! That's exactly what happens!!"

Valerie said...

Oh, there are plenty of days when I tell my girls, "My name is no longer Mommy and I'm not telling you what my new name is!"