Thursday, May 7, 2009

STL Weekend At-a-Glance

I think that Linton and I have the BEST friends EVER.

Last weekend we went to St. Louis for the Heart Walk and fun with friends, who are actually more like family. I don't think it will matter how far away we roam, in many ways St. Louis will always be home. So today is the first installment of our trip!

Friday we arrived and we relaxed for a few minutes and then went to church. Bible study was great. Pastor Blash started a series on the One God doctrine. After church and much chatting, we left and headed to Cara's (the one who's getting married and deserting the posse), for wonderfully tasty Indian food and of course, more fellowship. It was really great to sit around relaxing, talking and debating various Biblical topics. You know, just the typical, save the world stuff! I guess we felt we had to squeeze in as much time as possible into Friday and we stayed up until 2:30 Saturday morning!

Needless to say, Saturday morning was the Heart Walk and 6:15 a.m. never came so early! We got ourselves dragging around, and we finally got ourselves to the Heart Walk. I will devote an entire post to the Heart Walk, but all sum it up right now by saying it was great! I know, I am a whiz with adjectives. Heart Walk post will be up tomorrow.

After the Heart Walk, we headed back to Cara's and Linton and I cleaned up and went to lunch with Pastor Blash. We left all three kiddos with Cara and Fiona (I am telling you the best friends a girl could have), and they all took a nap. Wimps! ~Smile~ Only kidding of course. If we hadn't been at lunch we would have napped too.

Later that afternoon the people began to gather for the BBQ. Linton was prepping the food (yes, no way was he getting out of grilling) and making the sauce. We ate and laughed, ate some more, talked, ate and laughed into the night. The rest of the BBQ/party details you will have to wait on, that's for another post, complete with pics!! After all that walking and partying you would think we would head to bed early, but because we are absolutely crazy we stayed up Saturday night until 2:30 AGAIN!

Sunday morning, brought about more dragging around. We finally got moving and went to church. Sunday School was another great lesson and Linton preached second service, which was good. Then after service was a pot luck! It was really wondreful to be able to hang out with all of Fresh Anointing UPC after service. The food was fabulous and the fellowship was even better than the food. Then, I am not sure who thought of it, but someone decided to have gospel karaoke. It was great. We got to hear people sing who never sing in church, for one reason or another. We laughed and sang the afternoon away.

When we finally got back to Cara's house we were all beat, but none of us cared. We talked and laughed some more and then we started a Phase Ten game. Because we were all starting to fade, we made it a Phase 5 game. After trying to stay awake, I finally called it quits at 1 a.m. and went to bed.

On Monday, we slept in!! ~~I hear the angel choir singing Hallelujah~~ We hung around Cara's house and then late morning headed to Whole Foods. Picked up a couple of snacks for the road later and then on to Elephant Bar Restaurant. GREAT FOOD!! Then it was time to bid Jonathan (who went with us) and St. Louis farewell and head home.

It was a great trip and I will be posting more specifics of some of it over the next couple of days. St. Louis family WE LOVE YOU and thanks for a great weekend!!

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Boy Mom said...

Food! Friends! Fun! Life just doesn't get any better. Can't wait for the BBQ pictures, hope recipes are included.