Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cloth Diaper Ramblins'

As you all know, very well, I am a cloth diapering addict! It has proven to be one of the best financial decisions we've made. I am so glad that I was tempted enough to try it out and really glad that it didn't gross me out!! I just wanted to post an update of our cloth world!!

I am absolutely loving the one size bumwear diapers! I recently added two of them to our stash and I am nothing but pleased and I am thinking that Daniel is too. They have a great fit and I didn't realize how much I missed the snapping type closure system versus the velcro. I am still lovin' our bumGenius, but the bumwear is definitely a close second. Besides having some oh so cute patterns, there is another feature that I love about this nappy; the fleece lining is in solid colors therefore reducing the staining factor. I have used a Happy Heiny medium/large insert and a bumGenius insert in the pocket and both work very well with this diaper. We have had no leaks! No pushing on baby's tummy either, because the top of the diaper actually rolls out rather than into the belly.

We are also loving our Rumparooz diapers! I don't use them at night, I am too chicken too try (why fix what ain't broken and our BG's more than do the job), but I use them during the day all the time. When I put his rumparooz on they always seem a little small, but once they are on, they are fine. They work great, so far leakage free. The inner leg gussets make them poo holding champs.

I have also tried out another diaper that we have truly fallen in love with. Monkey Snuggles is on Etsy and she makes great diapers!! I have two of the size large diapers with snaps. They will fit Daniel for a long time and the prints are so cute!! Very good quality and they come with a trim bamboo fleece insert. I added a bumGenius doubler inside the pocket with the insert for even longer wearing! Love this diaper, I will be adding more to my stash!

After all is said and done, I still truly love the BG's. They are ALWAYS and ONLY our night time dipe! Never a leak, ever!

I finally made wipe solution. I was hesitant because Daniel's bum seems to be on the sensitive side and I didn't want to break him out. So I have just been using water on the wipes and that was doing the job. Then I got educated on why some oil needs to be in there. Imagine that, a purpose for the oil. It makes messes come off a little easier and softens the skin. So I read this article , which I only read because Mama Kenz so kindly provided the link, and came up with a solution that is working well for us. First, I considered the soap we would use. I absolutely love Method Squeaky Green Baby Wash. It smells divine and my skin sensitive boys can use it with no problems. People, this is a miracle. So I figured that if Daniel can get his whole body washed in it, then our wipe solution can be made with the same stuff. Soap component solved. Now onto the oil. I didn't want to use baby oil because, well, that just didn't seem right and I didn't want to cover up the wonderful smell of the soap. So I opted for grapeseed oil. A lot of the recipes used grapeseed oil and so I went for it. So here's what I did:

Easy Peasey YUM YUM Solution

2 Tablespoons of Method Squeaky Green Baby Wash
2 Tablespoons of Grapeseed Oil
1 1/2 cups of water

Amy Nogar, the author of that awesome article linked above, suggests that you "start with the oil and end with the water". Sense I am a smart mama, I followed directions. Her reasoning was that the "oil will coat your measuring tools so the soap slips right off", and she was right. Which makes me right for following directions, right? Right. Novices should always follow directions. The recipe above is called Easy Peasy and she called it that for a reason--because it is! I made a bottle of it in less than 7 minutes. I added the YUM YUM to the name because it smells so yummy!! The Easy Peasy solution is working well for us, but I have to admit that I am going to try out a few of the other solutions as well.

If you haven't read enough about the Lovelocks, I also posted over here today. I know, it's a two post day! Don't pass out okay?!?

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