Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picasso Would Be Proud

When I think of decorating several things come to mind. Colors, patterns, where furniture should go, great lamps and awesome art work. Certain things do not come to mind.

I really love our new place. A few drawbacks (not enough cabinet space), but nothing we can't handle. I really love my walls. They are so fresh and newly painted. A nice tan with white trim. I just really like it. So you can imagine my horror when I saw this!!!!

I literally cried. I couldn't believe that he had drawn on my beautiful wall. He didn't just draw, he drew a huge! circle! and stuff with a SHARPIE! I was just horrified. Needless to say I made my point very clear about NOT WRITING ON THE WALLS. He agreed, said he was sorry, we moved on.

Four days later, I hear Sam playing in the hallway and I go to investigate. He was too quiet and content. As I go to see he runs past me at full speed. I tail him to find that he is covered in in green paint. And some yellow too, for good measure. He had discovered, a box, still taped shut of Hubs OIL paints!! ACK!! I immediately went searching for where my little Picasso had done his work. I didn't seen anything and I was hoping that he had just painted himself. I came back to the hall to finish cleaning him up and I saw it. Green, yellow and brown paints on the floor, right beside the drawing. I flipped on the light in the hall and gasped! He had painted on my wall. Yellow and brown mostly. Apparently the green was for his body and oh, the two green spots on my light tan carpet (which I didn't see in the beginning because he had strategically placed the paint box on top of them)!!!!! No picture of the painting, if doesn't show up on my camera phone*.

I sat down and cried. Again.

Am I usually this emotional? No, not typically, but the idea of having to paint the whole wall and we have only lived here a month just sent me over the edge.

Needless to say, Sam and I had a long talk about why we don't do that and I made is abundantly clear that this was unacceptable. Again.

So if you come to my house before I paint you will find Samacasso's work in the hall. And if you hadn't questioned my parenting skills before, I am sure you do now.

**Oh and I apologize for the poor quality of picture, it is from my phone. See I lost, yes lost our new camera. We are getting a new one, but it will be another month before we do that.


Mrs Lemon said...

That would so stink - both about the wall and losing your camera.

Maybe you could hang a sheet of shower board on his wall at his level and introduce him to dry erase markers that ONLY go on that SPECIAL SPOT.

But it is kinda cute that he wants to draw and stuff like his dad, right? There is a slice of cuteness there ...

Boy Mom said...

Oh the joys of little artists sorry, I hate sharpies they just don't come off. Try alcohol, or frame it.

Chic Mama said...

Oh man- boys will be boys! We are having obedience issues with R-man lately and I too have been in tears on more than one occasion! Best wishes mama!

Oh, and could you add the "followers" feature or a feed subscriber to your blog so that we can follow you more easily? Pretty Please?