Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double the Fun

That's right two meme's for your viewing pleasure. I am up to my ears in boxes and packing, but I thought I'd take a little break and blog a little. You know, since I have nothing I should be doing! Ha! If you only knew. . . .

Two Meme's from Mama Kenz Studio, the birth story of her new little guy is up too!!

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What were you most looking forward to doing postpartum that you couldn't do while pregnant, and did it live up to your expectations?

1. I wanted a HUGE Dr. Pepper. Not that I should drink it, but it sounded so good.
2. I wanted to sleep in on my stomach and on my back!
3. I wanted to be able to see my feet without having to sit down and hold them up.
4. I wanted to wear my cute shoes again versus my clogs because my feet were too huge for my cute shoes. (Not that I could see my feet, but everyone else could.)
5. I wanted to be able to sing in church again without needing to stop every three words to catch my breath! ~~Smile~~

Each one was satisfying for sure. Though postpartum I drank enough water to float a battleship, that little can of DP was really good. And the first day I got to stand up (c-section), I remember looking down and I said out loud "My feet are normal again and I can see them". The nurse chuckled at that one.

Go here to see what Mama Kenz was looking forward too and to join in the linkage fun.

And now for. . .

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1. Which diaper did you or do you plan to use as the first one for your new babe, and why?
2. What are your tips for cloth diapering a newborn?

Well, I started cloth diapering when Daniel was four weeks old and I haven't looked back. I started with prefolds and covers because that was all I really knew about. I ordered a "try-it" kit and I used those prefolds and covers until he grew out of them and needed to go the next size. I think if I were to have another little one I would use some fitted diapers until he/she got a little bigger and then go with a one size pocket for the duration.

My tips:
~~My problem was not having enough dipes and I had to wash laundry a lot and keep 'sposies on hand. So make sure your stash is big enough.
~~Have everything organized with instructions near the changing area so that whenever a helper is changing your little one (hopefully while you are resting) they know where everything is and how everything works. (Whenever anyone besides me would change him, they would use a 'sposie because they weren't sure how or what to do)

Here is what Mama Kenz is doing and link up and tell everyone what you did/do/will do for your little one!!

My break is over, back to packing. Much bloggity love!!


forever folding laundry said...

I'm very impressed by those of you who cloth diaper. I'm just not that organized or able to plan ahead!! And, can I go ahead and admit it: I don't even know how to do it!! Maybe you can post a tutorial sometime?? :)


mary beth said...

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Mary Beth