Monday, June 22, 2009

My Crock Pot and I Have Fallen in Love

It has become my best friend. My ultimate time saver. My sanity-saving, dinner is actually done, very best friend.

I used to be an occasional crock pot user. Pot roast and Mexican beef was pretty much the only time I used it. Then I became wise. I started thinking up things that would cook all by themselves in my pretty red crock pot, while I was doing something else. So I decided on Curry Chicken with Potatoes. Then came the Hawaiian Chicken. Two successes in the crock pot. My mind began to wonder the things that could be done in this, formerly under-appreciated kitchen appliance.

I know, I know, there are dozens of recipes for the slow cooker, I'm getting there. Ok?

So one day while I in the midst of my sorta-kinda bloggity break I was packing (which was the reason for the bloggity break) and I desparately needed dinner to cook itself. I had chicken on hand, but we had just had curry chicken the week before. So I decided to just put something together as I went. Here is how it went:

1 Can of chicken broth
3 Frozen Chicken breasts
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Several dashes of Ground Lemon Peel
Several dashes of Rosemary
A sprinkle of Thyme

Cover and cook on high for four and a half hours (cut this time if the chicken is already thawed out), you know cook it till it's done. I know I didn't give exact measurements on the spices and herbs, but do that to your taste.

Peal potatoes, however many you need for your brood, layer on top of the almost cooked chicken. Sprinkle a little more lemon peel, salt, pepper and rosemary. Cover and cook until the potatoes are done.

Serve with a steamer bag of veggies of your choice (or alone if you and veggies don't agree). We had brussel sprouts along with it.

YUMMY!! It's now an official meal with a title: Lemon Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes. I didn't say it would be unique, just titled. I spent my creativity on the food, not the title.

I literally put that list of ingredients in, in the order they are listed. This chicken was delicious, a major crowd pleaser, even the kids ate it and liked it. Best news of all, I got to work while my crock pot was cooking my dinner.

So now I consider myself a habitual crock pot chef. That's right, I throw it in and it cooks it. We work well together, don't ya think??

Now all I need is one of those fancy crock pots with a timer! ~~Smile~~

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forever folding laundry said...

Sounds delish! I'll definitely give this a try once we're home. (And this recipe highlights just how sick and tired I am of eating out!)

And congrats on the move. Can't wait to hear how it went!!