Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday and I Have No Clever Title

Yep, my cleverness is tired today.

Daniel has been kinda sick the last couple of days and so my packing has been seriously hindered by a little munchkin in need of cuddlin'. I have done some packing, but I am not as far along as I had scheduled.

Sam is playing the Wii and it is amazing how good he is while he is playing a game. He loves it and I love how quiet he is while playing. It's almost magical!

Makiah is down at the church with her daddy working on the Chinese village that he is building for Open Grill this year. She loves helping him and it's good daddy/daughter time.

Daniel is sleeping, finally. Poor baby coughed all morning, missing his morning nap and finally collapsed this afternoon. I just hope he sleeps tonight after this long nap. Hopefully the sleep will help with recovery.

We are taking a day trip on Saturday (assuming that Daniel is fever free) to see my grandma and to go to my cousins graduation party. It will be good to see everyone. I haven't been up there since Thanksgiving--too long. I am hoping for good weather and no sick baby.

I got my new Swaddlebees pail liner (mine is in the blue summer pattern) in the mail yesterday and the new bumwear diaper (its so cute). I love the pail liner, it is so colorful and will look great in the kids bathroom when we move. The blue dino diaper is great and it is a wonderful fit. I will definitely be buying more of these!!

So there is my randomness for today. Nothing to fabulous or crazy going on over here. I am kinda glad, but it doesn't make for great blog fodder.

I will leave you with this kids poem. It makes me smile, hopefully it will you too. I say it to Daniel and he just laughs and laughs. If you can read it and not smile, well, you should.

Zippity Zappity
by Claire Murphy

Zippity Zappity
I feel so happity!
It makes my hands
Go clippity clappity,
Makes my toes
Go tippity tappity.
Zippity Zappity
I feel so happity!

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