Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Potty Chronicles, Installment 12

I realized today that I haven't posted about potty training in a while. No better day than today!

Sam is doing AMAZING with the potty training. He has really turned a corner. We can actually go to church on Sunday, in underwear and go all day with no accidents. I am so proud of him. I was beginning to think he was going to turn four in Pull-Ups and I really didn't want that. Not to mention the $$$ that Pull-Ups cost! So everyone is benefiting from Sam's new found potty skills! He does all his business in the potty, including the pooing type business. I expected that to take longer, but he proudly proclaims to anyone within ear shot that he is a big boy because he pooped in the potty!!

He still goes to bed in a Pull-up because getting up to change his bed every night really doesn't appeal to me. Sometimes he is dry in the morning and sometimes he isn't. I have considered getting him some cloth training pants. I mean it's not like I am not already washing cloth diapers and the trainers can be used with Daniel too.

I am so glad that I can say, I think the potty drama is over. I am sure we will have accidents. Accidents at home, church and other not-so-convenient places, but I can do accidents when I know we are progressing. I didn't think it would take this long, but every kid is different and they have to "get it" for themselves. By pushing it, I was only frustrating myself and him. Now going potty is still an exciting event, but it isn't stressful.

Let me say to those who are in the beginning stages of potty training or in the throes of frustration, IT DOES GET BETTER. I have a few tips that I would like to throw out there, not that I am a pro by any means!! Just a few things that might help you, some of these I learned the hard way!

1. Let your child pick out their underwear. They are more likely to wear it and not do business in it.

2. If your child is drinking plenty and not going to pee either in the potty or accidently on the floor in more than two hours, they are probably holding it. Take off the underwear, put on a Pull-Up. Stop potty training for a few days. A few days delay is better than a urinary tract infection. They are probably not ready.

3. Stop using Pull-Ups!! Sam knew he could go in the Pull-up and had the why bother putting his toys down to pee when he could right then type thinking. When I stopped using Pull-Ups during the day and just endured the accidents, it wasn't two days and we were accident free. Sure it required more of my time and patience, but it paid off!

4. Calm down and don't stress. . . or try anyway. I was always afraid of what people would think of me as a parent for not having my kid potty trained at his age. Then I thought, "who cares what you think". I am the one buying Pull-Ups and doing the training. People who wanted to criticize had no idea what we had been through with potty training and I tuned them out, unless they actually had something valid to offer. Bottom line (no pun intended, but it's funny) you know what you are doing about potty training and know one else. Your kid, your problem--ignore them and move on.

These days I only remind him occasionally, usually he goes completely on his own. I LOVE it!! I am going to enjoy this season for in a few months, that will fly by, I will start this process with Daniel.

Mama's BIG boy!!


Chic Mama said...

Good to hear! Isn't it nice to have that out of the way!?! And by the way, yes I do wash my wipes with my dipes and have never had any problems! Hope that helps!

forever folding laundry said...

Hooray for you! That's fantastic! And that picture of Sam is just too darn adorable. He could not be any cuter in that John Deere hat. :)