Thursday, July 16, 2009

The School Bell Has Rung and We Are Back in Session

We officially began summer school after taking the month of June off. I needed a break, she needed a break and I had to pack. So now that we are moved, I can focus on school work again. We have already finished the "official" second grade work, so we are doing some extra work until the official stuff is ordered, around the first week of August. I have also "officially" started Sam on his preschool work! So here is a run down of what we are and will be doing over the next few weeks! By-the-way, I am feeling official as my word for the day, so you may see it a few more times.

Makiah is doing a LOT of reading, of which some is forced upon her and the rest she is doing on her own. I really shouldn't say forced, but I am having her read a new book that I just purchased for her and she is going to do her first book report. I plan on helping her quite a bit, but that's okay, just want her to get the concept of a book report. She will also be doing a report on penguins--her favorite animal. Tomorrow, Makiah will begin a study on Three Old Testament Kings. I have the Teachers Manual and a student manual from a Sunday School class a couple of years ago. It's perfect for her age and she is really into studying the Bible--again something I won't stop. . . ever. Math, now that's another story. Math frustrates her most of the time. She knows it, but she just doesn't really like it. So I bought a 2nd grade Math workbook from a local mega bookstore that looks fun, colorful, has lots of clowns and she is really excited about going through it. I want to keep her Math skills going since she starts multiplication in 3rd grade. She also has a couple of Animal Science and Literature and Creative Writing paces that we are going to work through. I also have a Hooked On Phonics--Learn Spanish that I am going to start with her. I am having Makiah keep a journal. I remember when I did this school and she really likes getting to write down what she did and such. Shhhh. . . don't tell her, but it's great writing practice. ~~Smile~~

Samuel has done really well during our first week back to school. He is now officially in preschool and he is doing great. Most importantly though, he loves it and it keeps him busy and this is a good thing. He sat right there with us during the whole school time. He does worksheets that I purchased on colors, shapes, numbers and letters. He can count to twenty already, so we started on number recognition. He recognizes and identifies numbers 0-9, can write his name, knows all his shapes and colors. We start patterns, dot-to-dot that is 0-9 and mazes next week. If he continues to do this well, then we might be able to start phonics in January!

We do science experiments, they really love those!! This week we have been talking about things that float and sink. We did two experiments and a craft. Most of the time Sam is involved in the experiments, no reason to exclude him, but as her work gets harder she will have some on her own.

I am still in planning mode for the fall session of school, but I have some great ideas on paper. I'll share those more in my "BIG Homeschool Post" sometime in the next couple of weeks.

~This post was originally started on 7/9/09, but because I haven't had to finish it, you are just now getting it!!

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forever folding laundry said...

Sounds like you guys are busy-busy-busy over there!! Glad all is well.

And...I promise...those Wickles WILL get to you soon! :)


Boy Mom said...

Wow! Summer School, I'm impressed. Glad to hear that the move has gone well and you're settling in.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Good to hear that the move in went well and everyone is adjusting.

If the kings Sunday school book is the one I think it is (Saul, David & Solomon) I have a suggestion for you. Get a Burger King crown and cover it with foil. Then let Makiah decorate it with markers (or add fake jewels). It can then only be worn while she is studying from the book. We did a variation of that with our S.S. kids. They loved it.