Monday, August 31, 2009

Pigtails and Purses

Time is slipping through my fingers. One day she is wearing pink Pooh sandals that were one and a half inches long and now. . . well. . . . ~~sigh~~

She's growing up and I don't like it. ~~Puts foot down and pouts~~

She wants to go shopping. When she was younger, taking her shopping was like dragging around a 50 pound sack of bored, whining potatoes. Now she wants to shop, pick out her clothes, match it to a cute pair of shoes, a belt, some hair accessory and of course, a new purse. It was much cheaper when she was a sack of potatoes.

She wants to fix her own hair. Mind you this talent will only come over time, if you ever seen her hair up close and personal you understand what I am sayin'. I mean, hey, I just figured out how to tame her wild, curly mane! She doesn't want pigtails, she wants to wear her hair like mine or the teen girls at church. I like the pigtails.

She doesn't play with dollies anymore. She wants a DS for Christmas, in pink of course. Just because she isn't doll toting, doesn't mean her girly ways are gone! I miss seeing her play with dolls.

I can't go in any department store without her wanting to look at the shoes and purses and hair things. She carries said purse every where and it must have Chapstick. Now, mind you, she has loved shoes since the first time she got a really good look at all the options, but now, it's just short of an obsession. Purses? She has almost as many as me, almost. ~Smile~ I know, she gets all this honestly, I was just hoping it wouldn't be for a couple or twenty more years. Now she wants shoes with a heel, a heel?!!? I liked the pink Pooh sandals.

She has also hit the giggling stage. You know the one where little girls giggle at thang, even things that really aren't funny. She blushes around cute little boys and of course, giggles. Again I was hoping the boy giggling, even noticing cute little boys would have stayed away for another couple or twenty years. I definitely have a giggler.

When she was little we couldn't get her to smile for a picture for anything. Now she strikes a pose. (Again, another phone photo)

So when she wanted to sit on the couch with me and read, we did. When she wanted me to sing to her last night before bed, I did. When she wanted a hug, just because, I gave one and got one. I realize we are working to raise, key word: raise, good children, but I just feel like its going too fast.


Editted to add~~I just want to say that I am not sitting here crying as my post would suggest, I am just feeling a little nostalgic today. I think it might be all those cute baby girl clothes I saw this morning! I have to stay out of that side of the store!~~


Mrs Lemon said...

Why stay out of that side of the store? :)

She is growing up.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

They grow up too fast. Before you know it, your babies are having babies. Ask Mrs. Lemon about that. I can remember when she was in pigtails.

Mainly a midwife said...

I'm feeling that way too since Katie went to Kindergarten. I'm just thankful for every baby day I have with Addison. Baby clothes, baby burps, baby yawns etc...Loving all of it.
Katie is so fun to go shopping with now..but I could do without the sass! And she recently started marching out of rooms and slamming doors...what??????

forever folding laundry said...

She is a cutie. And she looks like such a sassy girl!! I love it. I'm so happy to have a girl to do the shopping thing with. (And I took Avery with me for a pedicure last week. I was in heaven!!) :)