Saturday, October 31, 2009

Commercial Break~~~BREAKING NEWS

I am interrupting my posts on spiritual warfare for a Lovelock update. Check back tomorrow for part 2 of "With the Right Weapons, I Am Dangerous".

I have big news, really big news. No, I am not pregnant for those who read this blog that would love for there to be another Lovelock. The big news is that Daniel is WALKING. And by walking I mean walking everywhere, getting into everything and pretty much keeping me on my toes. . . . and I couldn't be happier! He has made HUGE progress in all aspects of his development in the last two months, he is quickly becoming "age appropriate".

I am also thrilled and over the moon to report that the doctors have ruled out Fragile X, chromosome disorders, metabolic disorders and cerebral palsy. We did however see a neurosurgeon to rule out hydroencephalitis. She ruled that out and found something else. Benign Extra Axillary Fluid Collection of Infancy, I know right?!?!? That's a sentence by itself. Anyway, it's a big long title for something very simple that resolves itself on it's own!! How great is that?? I mean, I'd rather there be nothing, I'd rather it start with benign and resolve on it's own. It's extra fluid between the brain and skull that didn't absorb as fast as it should and usually completely absorbs by age two. It can however cause developmental delays (ding ding ding) and after therapy the kiddos catch up and have no lasting effects from it. YAY and HALLELUJAH and THANK YA JESUS and, well you see that I am grateful, thankful and thrilled!!! God is truly faithful and AWESOME! These are all testamonies to God's great and awesome healing power. I have no doubt that Daniel had major problems and we watched as God unfolded a miracle right before us. Now, as in he wasn't before, he is speeding through his therapy goals at break neck speed. Also, he has had no muscle tightness in his neck, shoulder or torso for close to a month! Another HUGE miracle.

Now I have to go because Daniel is throwing trash out of my kitchen trash can and I must stop now because I am over using the caps lock button!

Have a happy Saturday!!

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Mainly a midwife said...

That's wonderful news!!! (both the walking AND the recent benign diagnosis)