Monday, November 30, 2009

Belated Birthday, With No Pictures!

ARGH!!!!!!! ~~Banging head on desk~~

I sat down this morning to post pictures of Sam's birthday. I opened up iPhoto and the pics of his birthday are gone. Then I realized that the pictures I took of my grandpa with the kids are also missing. I am so angry. I watched them upload, I finished the import and now I go there and there they aren't.

Frustration. Total frustration.

Sam had a great birthday. My mom and dad took Sam and Makiah to play mini golf. They played two rounds and Sam actually got two holes in one! He was very excited about the golf and I think we could have just stopped there and he would have been content. We took him out to eat his favorite thing, Fazoli's. Yes, Fazoli's. He LOVES spaghetti and because he won't eat at my parents (he gets so excited that he won't eat) we took him there. Then onto Grams and Grampa's house for presents and cake.

He is a completely outfitted fireman now. Sam loves firemen, I think I have written about that before now, but he loves to play fireman and rescue people and spray water (pretend, of course). He even knows all the pieces to a fireman's uniform, including the breathing apparatice. So to ensure that he would stop using Makiah's pink princess bike helmet as a fireman hat, he got a complete fireman uniform with jacket, hat and axe. Grams found rain boots that actually look like fireman boots (they even say property of Fire Department with emblem on them) and he LOVES them. He wears them as many places as mom will let him! He also got several other things too from other people, like a firetruck, a Spiderman watch, the Gator Golf game~~I'd say he got quite enough.

He told me later that night that it was his best birthday ever! Mission accomplished. We were both happy.

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Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

"Best Birthday Ever" Sounds like you outdid yourself. Pat yourself on the back.
Don't you just hate it when the computer stops being user friendly?