Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Recovery

Isn't funny how after Christmas you need a vacation to recover from all the opening of gifts, cooking, traveling, singing and other Christmas shenanigans?? I still feel like I need a nap!

We had a fabulous Christmas!! Not only did we get great gifts but we just had a really good time laughing and playing games and enjoying each others company. We had Christmas with all our presents at my parents house Christmas Eve. It was an opening frenzy! Makiah did get her requested pink DS and Sam a Leapster. They got other stuff too, but I won't bore you with all those details. I got a new broach and an old broach. I was ecstatic to get one of my Nanny's broaches. It is beautiful~I will treasure it. I got some clothes and other stuff too. Hubs got a Wok, he was very happy. He also got clothes and such.

Christmas day we relaxed at home and then in the evening we headed out to the country to our friends house to have Christmas with her and her family. We ate good food and had more presents. She got my the 70th Anniversary edition of Gone With the Wind!! So happy about that, Hubs isn't but I am. He thinks its a stupid movie. What does he know about classic dramatic films?? He got the Smurfs and a documentary for Christmas. Leave the choosing of classic films to me! ~Smile~

So like I said the Lovelocks had a very merry Christmas but with all the fun and eating I think the best part about for me was remembering why we do all this. I got a fresh view of Christmas this year. I have always known why we celebrate Christmas, but this year I just feel like I revived that which I think I had taken for granted. Jesus Christ was born to die. Lived to teach. Came to save that which is lost. I hope during that you all had a chance to reflect on the "reason for the season" and the hope which that small babe brought to us all.

I am so grateful for the best gift ever~~Jesus Christ, my Saviour.

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Boy Mom said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday!

Hugs fom Boy Family