Saturday, January 2, 2010

Faith, Family and Frugality

Happy New Year!! May it be blessed and joyful!!

The other day I had a big, long post up about my thoughts on the new year. I came back a day later and took it down. It wasn't a bad post, I just didn't think it made sense to anyone outside of my brain, which is everyone. So in the interest of keeping the two readers I have and not appearing to be a babbling, sleep deprived mama, this is my new New Year post.

Every year we sit down and create new ways to frustrate ourselves (resolutions) and feel guilty (failing at those resolutions) and so this year I am not setting resolutions. I am however setting some goals, which we all should do, we should all be working toward something. I have thought of a great way to sum up exactly what I want in the year 2010~~Healthy in Every Way. Most of the time we use the term healthy when speaking of our physical beings or our mental status. I am speaking in terms of faith, family, frugality. First I sat down and decided what the definition of healthy is. I went to and this is what they had to say: prosperous or sound, vigor or vitality. So then I went from there and came up with how to accomplish this for each section.

Healthy Faith: Maintaining our relationship with God should be our first priority. I want to be an ever growing Christian. Infusing faith and the knowledge of who God is into our children and others, is our most important job. Being home with the kiddos and homeschooling, I have the opportunity to teach and use Godly principles all through the day. This year I want to do better at that. More devotions and Bible memory games. Those are the tools I have for teaching them the Word of God, which I want buried deeper in their hearts than math or science. I also want to live my life the way Christ would want me to live. I am His daughter, I represent Him. I want to make HIM proud. This year for me personally, I want to be an orchard of spiritual fruit that others can come and partake of. I want to produce patience (Lord know He has to help me with this one), longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, love, peace, temperance, goodness and faith. Galations 5:22-23 The Bible says in Matthew chapter 7 that you are known by your fruit, either corrupt or good. I don't want to be "known", but I do want to show others Christ through the way I live and not just the words I say.

Healthy Family: Of course there are the most obvious answers are cooking healthy meals (don't get me wrong we do, but we could eat at home more often) and doing more physical activities together. But then there is spending more time together~playing games, reading books and just generally being together. Teaching manners as part of our curriculum in school. These are just some examples.

Healthy Finances: I think most people I know could stand to have healthier finances. Who wouldn't like to put more in savings this year? I am changing our budget around and we will be spending less, saving more (we are planning a BIG vacation for the fall of 2010) and getting some things paid off. I have become the coupon cutting queen and I love a good deal. No reason to pay full price when I can save a few cents here and there. God is my provider and I have never gone without, but God also asked us to be good stewards of what we have been given. So tightening the budget, making cuts here and there, isn't hard, when you know all you have comes from Him in the first place.

As for me personally I have lots of things I want to change, be better at or make thinner (a hem, cough, cough) this year. This is going to be a big year, in a lot of ways. I was writing in my journal the other night and at the bottom of the page there is a scripture. This one jumped up and hit me in the head. Yes, it was that profound to me. "Commit whatever you do to the Lord and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3 NIV I also like the way the GWT (God's Word Translation) put it, "Entrust your efforts to the Lord and your plans will succeed." How powerful is that promise?!?! So many things we try to do on our own and we fail. I do this often. Not anymore, everything I do I am committing to God. Whatever plans we are making, we are committing to God and He will establish the way.

There are many things I want to change, make better or get thinner this year! This is the year of change. This is the year of FAITH and of MIRACLES.


forever folding laundry said...

This is a great post. I think you have a great handle on what you want this year to bring you. (And, coincidentally, it's a lot like what I want from my year.)

Happy New Year, Val!


Mainly a midwife said...

Ditto... all of those things are wonderful goals. We are shooting for those too. We are especially hitting the faith and finances one. Why is the implementing so hard? You are really blessed to be homeschooling. I think Faith conversations happened more frequently then.