Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Madness

So it's Monday and my to do list is longer than my arm, but I am cheerily crossing things off said list. That's right, I said cheerily. I am cheery for many reasons, but the main one, is because the joy of the Lord is my strength and cheeriness is a choice and I choose cheery. Okay, that's enough of the word cheery for now. We woke up to a little bit of snow this morning and even though I normally loathe snow, it was so pretty this morning.

What is on this to do list? I am so glad you asked. Besides the long list of Christmas gifts I'm making (which is growing daily I might add), it is menu planning day, laundry (of course that's on my daily list), going through more toys to see what can be donated to a good cause, a good kitchen scrubbing, meeting with a young couple to offer encouragement and our sage advice (help us all!) and then more Christmas gift making. I also have to get my Christmas cards done that I need to mail this week!!

So that means no more blogging for now, I must go finish that scarf that I am giving away in about three hours. Fortunately it's almost done!! I hope your Monday is a cheery one!

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