Friday, January 22, 2010

This is the One with the BIG News

By the time you are reading this, I will already be in St. Louis. Whatayaknow, I can write posts in advance. It has been so long since I actually finished on in advance, I almost forgot how!?!

My family and I are in St. Louis this weekend. Three lovely days, with lovely people, making plans. Are you ready for my big news that I have been keeping to myself for nearly four months?!?!

In May, the Lovelocks are moving back to St. Louis. {This is good news, but not the news that's BIG}

We are not moving back because of the lovely people that we already know over there. Oh, no, it's for a much bigger reason. A much more daunting and yet exciting reason.

God has yet again laid St. Louis on Hubs and my heart. We feel a deep pressing burden for St. Louis and we know it's time. Time to step into that next role.

We are going back to St. Louis to start a Home Missions church in the inner city. Selah. {Selah: to pause and ponder}

This is huge, scary, exciting and well, thrilling. When we first made the decision, I will admit that my knees were knocking!! There are many reasons for my nervousness, but mostly it was just carnal fear. Fear of the unknown, fear for jobs and housing and money, fear of failure. But over the last several months God has proven to us, well really me Hubs didn't need proof, that we are in the midst of a miracle.

As I stated here, this is my year of faith, the year of miracles. We have already seen God's hand at work, clearing the way before us. So this weekend we will be in meetings, casting our vision, sharing our burden, make lists of the "stuff" we need for a church (like a building, LOL) and all the while we are sure of God's plan.

I have learned, multiple times, that God's plan is higher than mine, His thoughts and intentions higher than mine and if I just follow along and do as I am led, then everything is fine. We never expected to live in St. Louis again. A painful but true thought. We actually assumed our next move would be closer to Hubs family in Bean Town, but there we are again, with God's plans being higher than mine.

Don't be surprised if I testify of God's goodness along the way. I want Him to get all the glory. If you are a person of prayer, I am asking that you would say a prayer for us.

Now, enough typing for tomorrow~~I HAVE TO PACK!


Mainly a midwife said...

That is exciting!!

forever folding laundry said...

Congratulations! Very exciting!!


Mrs Lemon said...

Wow! I am so excited for you! And now I have yet another reason to add to my list of "Why I Need To Introduce Chris To St Louis"