Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remodeling From the Inside Out

Amazing things have already begun. 2010~~we've stepped off into faith and the journey will take us up hills, across rivers, over bridges and right over mountains, all while knowing that God is leading us, carrying us and protecting us. Part of the process is internal, personal, life changing.

Remodel: –verb (used with object), -eled, -el⋅ing or (especially British) -elled, -el⋅ling.
1. to model again.
2. to reconstruct; make over.

That would be me, I'm undergoing a make over. You know occasionally you have to look in the mirror and say, "you need a change woman", "you need to do ______", you should really ______". Most of the time when we think of a make over, we think hair, shoes, clothes (which I won't turn down shoes and clothes if you're offering). But I'm talking about a make over that starts within. An update, so to speak. The Bible says in Luke 12:48 For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. The last few days this has been me, looking in the mirror. Though it's not always easy, its ALWAYS necessary. Its how we grow, realizing the areas we lack in and making changes. This scripture as been a constant thought here the last few days. I have been given so much and am about to be given more, I need to change some things and give more of myself.

One of my priorities this year is more Bible. That was not an incomplete sentence. That's what I am making a priority, putting more Bible in our day, starting with me. Back in the day, a senior in high school I was, I read the Bible through in a year. It was awesome! I have for several years wanted to repeat that goal. This is my year! I went out and bought a One Year Bible (no more charts and check marks) and I am loving it!! I actually bought the Chronological Bible and I am enjoying it so much. It is what it's called, chronological. Nothing like reading the book of Job in the middle of Genesis, when it actually happened. I use my other Bibles for study, but my time with daily reading is just to feed my spirit, its watering my orchard you could say.

Another way we are adding more Bible into our day is having Bible time, three times a day. I know you are thinking, WHAT?! It has been great. We have morning devotions (which aren't new). We have a short, like 10 minutes or less devotion and then we each pray, Mama, Makiah and Sam. And daddy too, if he's here, most of the time he has already left for the day. Then around lunch time we either listen to the Bible on CD or work on our memory passage. Then in the evening when we are winding down we read a story before bed, but we also read a few scriptures together and of course night night prayers. I want to teach my children that God~prayer and Bible reading should be a part of their day no matter how busy we are. If I teach them young then they won't have to learn this concept when they are older. We teach by example. If I read my Bible despite the many things I have to do, they will know that Bible reading is a priority.

Makiah has been asking and asking for the Word of Promise Next Generation Audio Bible for about three months. We bought it for her about two weeks ago. I gave it to her and the reaction I got was amazing. I actually think she was more excited about the audio Bible than her DS she got for Christmas. I was thrilled about that! I want her to have a heart for God and His word. I don't want her to ever lose that. Yesterday in devotion we were talking about all the things we should and shouldn't do (rules of the house basically) and she said, "whew, sometimes it's hard to always do the right thing, but I know God will give me the strength to do it." My heart soared and instantly I prayed, never let her forget that.

See my remodel won't just affect me, my whole family, my friends and those I'm trying to reach out too, will get the benefits too.

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