Monday, February 1, 2010

Heart Health Awareness Month

As you know, if you read here often, I kind of feel passionately about heart health. I am a budding advocate spreading the word about congenital heart disease, raising awareness to expecting parents and supporting those parents who are surviving it. I want my parents to live a long, healthy life and I want my children to grow up physically active and heart healthy. And last, but not least I want to live a long, long time. Again, I am still in the process of losing weight and becoming the healthy person I desire to be. Many of the current cases of heart disease were and are preventable. If it can be prevented then I want to prevent it. Don't you?

Are you heart health aware? Do you know your numbers? Do you even know what numbers I'm talking about? No, I am not talking about your phone number. I'm talking the numbers that can have disastrous effects if they are not the right numbers. Cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, weight and BMI. Are you at risk for a heart attack or stroke? Do you think you're healthy or do you know you are?? This month all over the country there will be activities, drives, clinics and talks about your heart and its health. It's the engine that keeps our bodies going, it's important that we take care of it.

So this month will be a mixed bag here on Mamalovelock. I will have a couple of guest bloggers, a challenge, a book review, tips and of course, family adventures. This blog would not be complete with out the typical adventures of the Lovelock kids.

February 5th~~Go Red Day!! Wear red and support the cause for educating women in heart heath!

February 7-14th~~Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week (more about this later)

Also during the month many retailers help out the American Heart Association by asking patrons to add a dollar to their bill. I encourage everyone to do that at least once. It's only a dollar and it goes to research. I can't help but think that it was someone's dollar(s) that helped get the information and technology to the talented doctors that helped Nathaniel live as long as he did and as well as he did.

The tips I am posting is things I have learned over the years. If it isn't mine then I will credit where it came from.

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