Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When the Bathroom Door is Locked

Nothing good can be happening when your four year old is locked in the bathroom and all he was supposed to be doing was washing his hands.

Saturday was a long, long day. Sam was really on a roll of seeing how many things he could do that he is not supposed to do. Most of them were the little things, but after awhile, all those little things make for one big mountain of "I TOLD YOU TO STOP THAT SON" and lots of naughty spot time. Needless to say by dinner time my patience was gone and my nerves were frayed. All of my sanity clung to the one nerve that was holding on with gritted teeth.

I was getting plates of food ready and I gave Makiah and Sam very clear and simple instructions: "Go wash your hands, with soap, dry them and come to the table and sit down." Makiah did that, no problem at all. About two minutes went by and I realized that only one darling child was in her seat. I came down the hall to check on Sam and I hear the sink running. The bathroom door is shut. Not good. I reach for the door knob and it's locked. {That last nerve is about to give up} I tell him, a little louder than I needed to probably, to "OPEN THIS DOOR NOW". He does and just as he opens the door the sink begins spilling over the counter and onto the floor. I dash in and turn it off. About an inch and a half of water is headed for the hallway carpet. My last nerve then let go, realizing all was lost in sanity for that day. I sent Sam across the hall to his room and I threw towels on the floor to stop the flood. I felt it best not to say any thing to Sam at that particular moment, just to sit in his room. Wisdom, people, it was wisdom. Once all the water was soaked up, I then went and spoke with Sam. We had a long talk about why we first, do not lock the bathroom door~~EVER, second, why it is no good to run so long that the water over the sink and third, why we need to go eat all of our dinner or he would be going to bed right then. He said sorry, I said I love you and all was well. After that he even ate all his dinner. {I think he knew that it would not be a good time to say you don't like dinner}

Oh and remember the mural Sam drew on the wall when we first moved in here, well Daniel calls it by name. Yes, apparently to Daniel it resembles Bob the Tomato and so every time Daniel walks down the hall, he says "hi Bob".

Heart Tip for the Day
Fiber--you aren't eating enough. I can safely say that unless you are eating Fiber One products or adding a supplement to your diet. Most of us don't come even close to getting all the fiber we need. The powers that decide how much of what we should have, states that we need 35 grams of fiber a day. Soluble fiber is found in oats, rice, bran, dried beans and apples, it's also found in broccoli--which is good to help prevent colon cancer. Fiber helps lower cholesterol, which boosts heart health. I have tried the Fiber One products and I actually, must to my surprise, liked them! The yogurt is good and the Strawberry Almond Oat Bars are really good. Have some fiber today, you just never know how it might be helping you.


Boy Mom said...

I gag down a fiber shake nearly ever morning. Good tip!

Oy, one of those days! Way to hold on to that last nerve Mamma!

Theresa said...

I love that Daniel talks to the mural on the wall! How adorable!

Ask Mrs. Lemon to tell you about some of the bathroom shenanigans that she and her sister pulled when they were much younger. It will make you shake your head at the thought of it all!

Livia said...

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