Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Strike, Three Spares and Countless Gutter Balls

I know there is no way you could tell from the title, but I took the kids bowling. Actually it was my friend A's idea. Hubs was working, so it was my friend, her brother and his wife, their son and his girlfriend and me and my motley crew. We all got set up and I realize, due to the crying in the background, that Daniel really doesn't have anything to do. He can't carry the balls, he can't run down the alley's and so began the evening with wailing. UGH!! Finally my friends brother remembers a soccer ball in their car and brings it in. He calms the yelling and we start our games. The people who might actually play for real, using a real alley have their own lane. My friend A and I are on the bumper lane (and without that bumper lane I would probably have scored a 24 instead of the whoppin' 99 I did score) with the kiddos. Somehow even with the bumpers I still got some zero's. Sam and Makiah were so excited I thought their heads were going to explode. Sam actually got a strike and Makiah got three spares!

Daniel and the soccer ball. I don't think I was ever so grateful to see a soccer ball in my life.

We did this:

Daniel did a lot of this:

And then after one game, that's right, only one game we were wore out. Between one of the adults keeping Daniel from rolling his ball down the alley and actually bowling (which did I mention I hadn't been bowling since middle school) we were ready to eat. And so Mexican is the only obvious choice to eat after bowling.

We went and ate our weight in tortilla chips and white cheese (or ketchup if you are my kids) and drank sweet tea (all of which are not on my diet plan) and did a lot of laughing.

All in all it was a fabulously fun night out. Only thing missing was Hubs. Next time he can go and Daniel gets to stay with Grams. ~Smile~

**Because mama forgot her real camera, these pictures are courtesy of my iPhone, which for a phone aren't bad pics.

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forever folding laundry said...

What a fun trip - I love bowling with the kids. I love it even more when the put the bumpers. (Then I am spared the embarrassment of countless gutter balls. I am the worst bowler!)


And I love Daniel's hair!! It looks so soft! :)