Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Official Now!

Its not the change of address papers, a new drivers license or even a welcome dessert from a neighbor that makes residency real. . . its a new library card. ~~Smile~~

Library cards for this family is a priority. We love the library. Summer reading programs, story time and kids area play places, we need to have library cards. Though in St. Louis you must have a piece of mail with your new address on it to get a card. Finally, mail came yesterday (one for Hubs and one for me) to enable us to get cards. Hubs got five documentaries (the limit), I think he was having documentary withdraw.

The kids got books and we signed everyone up for the summer reading program. Makiah found a chapter book that she really likes and is plowing through it! We also got some kids movies, like Word Girl and Word World. And for one member in our family this was their first library card! Samuel got his first library card yesterday and I cannot tell you how excited he was!!

I see a lot of reading in the days ahead.

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