Friday, June 4, 2010

Settling into Life

Moving shakes things up. It changes routines, makes you use paper bowls for nearly two weeks because you still can't find the bowls and challenges a family to find a new normal. Well, it does for us anyway.

You know when you move the house is different. Faucets and plumbing have their quirks. The kitchen is different and no one but you (the one who put it all up) know where things are. Even though I completely loathe the actual act of moving and packing, I truly enjoy unpacking. Its a chance to rearrange and put things up differently. Its like a fresh start. I'm nesting. I'm building my home and I love it. Most of the time. (I just wish I could find those crazy bowls!)

There are fewer and fewer boxes everyday and my desire to organize is in full swing. Slowly but surely we are settling into our new house (new to us), with its quirks and sounds and floor plan. The kids have adjusted very well. Daniel has slept in his bed from day one, no tears at all. YAY! That was unexpected but wonderful! Sam is rockin' the potty thing and we don't have accidents anymore (about time right??) and Makiah loves having her own room. There are no children sleeping the same room as Hubs and I! Daniel's crib was in there, but now he and Sam have their own room. No children in our room at all. First time in 10 years a child hasn't had a bed in our room or a place in our bed.

We are settling. Settling into new routines. Settling into a new neighborhood. Settling into everyday life. But with all the new things that lie ahead (starting a Home Missions church), life will be anything but mundane or normal.


Mrs Lemon said...

That is awesome that you are getting all settled in. And -YAY- about no kids in your room :) We have the pack n play in our room for Pinky's naps because she's a light sleeper, so if Z breathes during his nap she's awake. Can't have that. CAN'T HAVE THAT.

Mainly a midwife said...

That's great. Glad it's all going so smoothly. We still have at least one in the bed...sometimes we wake up with all three!