Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I only have one child in my care. First time in nearly 5 years!

Makiah and Sam are sending the week with my mom and dad. They are being spoiled. They are eating fruit snacks for breakfast. Grandparents, need I say more?

Anyway, that just leaves Daniel and I to hang out in the day time while Hubs is at work. My house is so quiet!! There is not yelling, no fighting, no arguing, its awesome but I miss them!!

I also thought that I would get a lot done while they were away (like throwing away more stuff they think they can't live without that they will never know I threw out), but alas, I am now Daniel's sole source of entertainment. I've been getting a lot of cuddle time, but not a lot done. So far.

Here are some pictures of what Makiah and Sam did on Monday!

They went to Holiday World and had a BLAST!

Daniel and I have been watching "Beggie" Tales (Veggie Tales), Sid the Science Kid and Barney on Netflix, eating grapes and yogurt and using "wipekins" (that would Daniel putting together, wipes and napkins) to wipe our faces. We've also played pirates and zoo animals, built a block fort and I entertained him with Penelope Parrot (so I could really practice my voice). So its shaping up to be quite a week!

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