Friday, October 1, 2010

Its Important. Personal, but Important.

I feel very personally connected to Breast Cancer Awareness. While I haven't been directly effected by the cancer, but I know several women who have been. So why the blog colors and a post about Army of Women? I think just being a woman makes me care about a subject that is changing lives daily and taking the lives of so many others. So I am taking a moment in blog history to promote the Army of Women.

Every new technology, medical procedure or cure has come through research. Breast cancer is no different. Here's what the Army of Women has to say about research:

"How can we cure something if we don’t know what we’re curing? Plain and simple, the Army of Women hopes to STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS. By enlisting ONE MILLION WOMEN to participate in breast cancer research, we will be able to finally take the research out of the lab and look at real women. This will enable us to finally find the CAUSES of breast cancer and ultimately figure out how to prevent it all together. BILLIONS of dollars have been spent on breast cancer research to date, but we still don’t know what CAUSES it. While many advances in treatment have been made, our goal is to eradicate it once and for all, by preventing it in the first place. We discovered that cervical cancer was caused by a virus, the HUMAN papillomavirus. The way we discovered the cause of cervical cancer was by studying WOMEN. With a lot less money, and in a lot less time, we now have a cure because we now know WHAT to cure. We need to follow the same path and move breast cancer beyond a cure."

Are you willing to join and support a cause that directly or indirectly affects us all?? So you get a few more emails a month? I don't promote too many causes, but this is one cause that we can't afford to ignore. Its free, it costs nothing for you to join and all ethnicities and ages are neeeded. You may never participate in a study (even one that doesn't include drugs of any kind) but all of us have time to fill out a questionnaire.

Tweet about it and use the hashtag WritePink. Facebook about it. Invite your friends. Its simple. It's important.

Watch this to learn more about it.

Yes I realize I just totally blogged and didn't mention my long absence at all. I am trying to get my blogging mojo back. Thanks for still reading when I post. *Muah* to all my bloggity friends.

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ClassyMomma said...

My son's girlfriend is going through chemo after a double mastectomy, so I DO understand what you're saying. I'm going to look into this. Caitlin's war with breast cancer has changed my life. Thanks for sharing!