Monday, November 8, 2010

A Hair-raising Sunday

This is a story of Sunday morning Lovelock hurry scurry. Just a little look into the Lovelock crazy.

I start out early. I always think I'm doing good on time (I later find out, I'm not) and then after I've been leisurely wandering around the hurry scurry begins. Yesterday was no exception. I thought (famous last thoughts) that I had the boys clothes all picked out and ready to go. I thought Makiah's clothes would be a cinch and I knew what I wanted to wear.

Well, I didn't take into account that even though I knew what I wanted to wear I wasn't exactly sure of it's exact location. I mean, I have spent hours getting fall/winter clothes out of storage for the kids, getting everything washed and ready to go. Me, my clothes, not so much. So even though I knew exactly what I wanted, I wasn't sure of where it was. Makiah has a severe skirt shortage (get sewing woman! just a little encouragement to me) so yesterday was one of those days wear we have plenty-o sweaters and shirts but the only skirts to be had were jean skirts. ~Don't ask me what this girl did with her skirts because they weren't hanging up, they aren't in the laundry and they weren't in her dresser. Humpf and Sigh~ So I finally got all the pieces of my outfit located, got the boys dressed, got Makiah's hair fixed and looked at the time. Doing good, minutes to spare I thought to myself and then I remembered~~MY HAIR IS HANGING DOWN MY BACK, IT'S NOT DONE, JUST STARTED!!! I had taken my hair out of the towel and put in the mousse (very curly hair) and I was waiting for it to get dry a little and fluffy (it's long and curly but thin) so I had started the hair but wasn't done. So I went from hurry scurry to crazy mama trying to get everything done mode. As I started working on my hair and picked up the freeze spray, yes, freeze. Empty! Oh no! I grabbed the travel size purple bottle of hair spray and got three sprays out of it. I knew what I wanted to do with my hair and I was silently praying my hair would cooperate and that I would have enough hair spray to hold it all together.

I did and it did. Best hair I've had in weeks. ~Prayer answered, Thank ya Lord for the small miracles in life~ I mean I loved it so much that I wish I had pictures of it. I love it when my hair cooperates with me. I will probably never get it to do that again, isn't that they way it usually goes??

Conclusion to this story: I obviously get better hair when I fix it in crazy mode than when I have lots of extra time to over think it.

Oh! And, we all got out the door fully clothed, hairs all combed and we all had on matching shoes. The day started out well.


Butterfly Momma said...

I'm glad your Sunday morning ended well for you ... mine was one that I would prefer to not repeat in the future :) I love the part about "and we all had on matching shoes" ... that's always good! :)

Theresa said...

And my girls think it's awful that I do my hair the same way everyday. It was because of Sundays like this that my 'do became the standard.

I feel your pain.