Friday, November 12, 2010

Samuel, Sam, Sam Sam, Sam-e-pants or Samurai

Just a few of the names that float around this house for Sam.

Five years ago today I was so nauseated (early in the day I just thought it was the stomach flu) and then about 2 or 3 that afternoon I started having very, very mild contractions. Realization kicked in, past the nausea and vomiting and I realized I was in labor. My husband got home from work about 7:30 and I called the doctor and told him my contractions were 10 minutes apart and asked if I should come in or wait until they were closer. I was easily talking through them and I mean they were 10 minutes apart. Fortunately the doc said to go ahead and come in (being the third baby things could change quickly). I went in, walking under my own power. I was laughing and talking like nothing was going on. I think the nurse thought it was going to be a false alarm, she didn't think I could seriously be in labor. To everyone's surprise I was 6 cm dilated!!! I was thrilled and the nurses and doc were shocked!! The real pain for me didn't kick in until about 10 pm and he was born, screaming his head off, at 11:45. Fifteen minutes before his due date.

That was the readers digest version of a birth story. Your welcome.

Sam is a total source of entertainment and joy. He is also a source of frustration (at times) and I think he is the source of the only gray hair I have in the front of my head. I love him and I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world!

Here's a few Sam highlights:

Bathroom Hi-jinks!!

A Budding Artist, He Is!!

Finally!! (A tale of hope when it comes to potty training)

Girls have Cooties

Time with Mom

Cooking Guru???

These are just a SAMPLING of the wonderment that Sam has brought into our lives. Yes, he has given me many wild stories to be used for blog-fodder (he's helpful like that) and I love him tremendously. There are plenty more where these came from. Just click on the Sam label and you'll find stories of seat belts and sword the spirit adventures.

Samuel is a boy of MANY facial expressions!!


Boy Mom said...

He's such a cutie! Just want to smush on him, so sad I have cooties.

Don't you just dread potty training boys?

Butterfly Momma said...

He is so precious!! Happy birthday Sam!!