Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I could come on here and list a whole bunch of reasons why I haven't blogged, but the main reason is I just haven't. I was feeling like my blog was very robotic, I can't explain it. But in the last week or so I have really been missing bloggin' and reading blogs too!! So here I am, going to make a go of blogging more regular like and hopefully my bloggy friends haven't given up on me!

So a lot has been going on since I had a real post up here. Christmas was grand! We had a lovely time with family, having a country Christmas. New Year's was good with the exception that I stayed home from Watch Night Service with a sick 2 year old. I sat some really lofty goals for this year (but don't I every year) but I didn't blog about it. I am sure I'll blog about them as I'm doing them.

The last week I have been on a sick couch with the flu. The real swab-your-nose-confirmed-knock-me-off-my-feet flu. I will never ever again casually throw around the word flu. Today is the first day I have sat at the computer for more than 30 minutes and the first time my head hasn't felt like it was falling off. I'm not dramatic. Seriously. All three kids have had it too, which truly makes for fun times. Oh the tears and fit pitching and whining~~it was worse than the actual illness. Fortunately the kids didn't get it as severely as me (thank ya Jesus) and we are all recovering.

I am sick of snow. I mean really really sick of snow! We have had more than enough snow to last us a few years and I'm ready for spring. You know, 65 degrees, pretty yellow flowers and the kids playing outside spring. I know it's only the end of January but a mama can day dream can't she!??!?

I have been making big health changes around here. I know I have blogged about weight loss in the past which is why I haven't really said a lot on here lately. I ended 2010 weighing 20 pounds less than when I started the year. Not what I wanted to lose, but at least it was a loss and not a gain. I've kicked off this year with new health concerns and medications and a serious determination to fulfill my health goals, THIS YEAR. I am making progress and I hope to put up some before and better pictures (I can't do before and after because it will be awhile before there is an after picture. Better yes, but after will be a while) during heart month!! You all know how serious I am about Heath Month, but this year I am living it and posting about it. You see knowledge is good, but its better when you listen to your own advice. Year after year I have tried to lose weight. This year I have adopted a new motto from a movie character from a movie I've never watched. "Do or do not. . . there is no try."~~Yoda Yes, I just quoted Yoda from Star Wars. I read it somewhere and it just seemed perfect. There is no try this year, just do. So as heart disease is at the forefront of my mind I am hoping that February will be a month of making changes for all of us. Heart month is quickly approaching, check back I have plans!!

Well, I think for today you are adequately brought up to speed. I mean there is more, there is always more, but tomorrow is another day.

Stay tuned, for I am back to regularly broadcasting. Have a happy Thursday!


Butterfly Momma said...

I'm glad you are back - I've missed reading your posts :) Hope you are completely well really, really soon!!!

Boy Mom said...

Glad you're back. Blogging is great flu recovery therapy.

Hope all are better soon, and spring can't get here too fast.

forever folding laundry said...

So nice to see you again!
Congrats on the new you...
your new lifestyle...
it will be sooo worth your hard work!

And the flu - blech.
I'm sorry.
Hope you are up and attem very soon!