Monday, January 31, 2011

The Potty Chronicles, Daniel Edition No. 1

Yes, it's THAT again. Baby boy child is on the cusp of potty training, technically one foot has stepped in. Full force potty training will begin in a couple of weeks. We are just getting out feet wet, so to speak. I feel very hopeful about this round! I think he will potty train pretty easily (that doesn't mean easy it just means easier than older brother Sam) and without too many melt downs. Hopefully Daniel won't meltdown either. ~Smile~

So the other day I decide to buy Daniel some pull-ups and just how he would do. Up to this point in his life going to the potty hasn't really been on his mind. He would sit down for 1.3 seconds and then announce that he was done even though there was nothing in the potty. But I wasn't stressing about it, trying to hold off a little longer before I step into a nervous breakdown on purpose. Makiah and Sam are both taking a personal interest in this as well. I mean I don't understand why potty training is so fun but Makiah is all about helping Daniel. Does it make me a bad mom if I let her? I don't think so, but if you disagree feel free to not tell me. Ignorance is bliss. ~Wink~

So the other day I hear Makiah in the bathroom with Daniel, pull-ups just purchased and mother hen, uh older sister Makiah was taking a firm hand. She is telling him in a very grown up way to tell her when he needs to go potty or when he feels that funny feeling. Daniel says, "okay Bakiah". Then she tells him that he can tell Mama too. Well thank you Makiah for keeping me in the loop. At this point I am cracking up. I was just outside the bathroom in the office listening. So far everyday for the last three days he has went pee pee in the potty at least once. Sometimes more. He thinks he is very big with his "pool ups" (that would be how he pronounces it) and really likes going to sit on the potty every 10 minutes. Next week we will go invest in cloth training pants and some Mickey Mouse and Elmo underwear, those were his special request underwear. Sam is also actively participating in this process because every time he goes to the bathroom he drags Daniel along. This is typically how it he says it, "come on Daniel, its time to go to the bathroom and I don't won't to hear any arguments" (as he is pulling him by the arm or hand). Ha ha ha, Sam has heard that phrase a time or two thousand in his little lifetime!!! So now that I have many or mini helpers in the potty training process, I do believe it may not cause the death of me. Hopefully.

Aren't you glad that I'm blogging again?? I know you all would not want to miss this!


Theresa said...

Well, it must be the season (potty training season that is!). Mrs. Lemon is attempting. My other daughter, Jessica, is working (very reluctantly) on potty training her 2 yr. old daughter. I always tried to wait until spring at least. There were fewer clothes to deal with.

Boy Mom said...

Love your potty training attitude. I wanted to,"spork", myself in the eye each time it came up.

And, YES, super glad you're blogging again.